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I know it is hard to produce music all by yourself. Most of the successful artist can't be wrong if they are looking for help among the mastering process.


You can save time and nerves, and I will get the best possible quality out of your mixed Song. Do you need a warm analog sound, optimized for Streaming and download shops (Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Beatport, Itunes)?  I bring life into your Songs, with the right balance and required loudness levels. You will hear that I can deliver decent results.


Get rid of flat muddy basslines and kick sounds which miss the punch and power. Add more value to your music productions and get this sound like your favorite artists.


I Remove what hurts your music and achieve that deep warm sound. If your music production is still causing you headaches, here is the right solution for you.

  1. Be sure that you leave some headroom when producing your songs. Set -3 / -6 DB as the target when mixing your music. Creating perfect loudness levels is part of the mastering process. Please check that there is no compressor /limiter enabled on the master bus(the sum of your song elements)
  2. Render your song within your favorite music production software(Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio). When converting your song as a lossless .wav file choose 24Bit or 32Bit with 44,1khz or more
  3. During the ordering process, you get to ask to add a download link to your sound file. For that purpose, I recommend using Wetransfer or Google Drive.
  4. When I received your song, I will start the mastering process as soon as possible. First I check if everything is all right with your sound file, but then I  let the magic happen. After 1-3 days you get back your improved and mastered song. Next, we communicate and check if you are 100% pleased with the result. If we have to change something, you have unlimited revisions - till you are delighted.
  5. Get something back: If you have released your single or EP, I will support you with promotion. Here at I have about 10.000 monthly visitors, I will share your Song in my Spotify Playlist and can promote it on social media


You as a producer want to achieve a dynamic and expressive sound? Let me improve your music until you are satisfied.


  • Dynamic and Balanced Mastering ( 16 Bit / 44.1 khz wav, if you need another Bit rate or additional File Formats, just ask)
  • Club sound system and streaming service optimized
  • Against Loudness War with new Loudness Standards for your Tracks
  • For Digital releases and CD or Vinyl
  • This service also includes music promotion through Spotify playlist, email and social media channels for your music release.


Do you want to close the gap between your productions and top producers? Don't let your music career fail because of bad sound quality. 

Click Buy Now and I'll take care of the problematic part, to achieve a better listening experience.


Full potential - Don't regret your audio quality anymore:

Fans will enjoy your music even more.

You will be proud of your coming music release.


(Price: about €36,00 EUR / £30,50 GBP / $39,99 USD per Song)


Now it's your turn

HQ Mastering
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Mastering Techno, Tech, House, Trance and electronic Music Tracks. This is your last step to create a successful song. I help to let your music stand out so that your sound will be remembered. Order HQ Mastering, which includes music promotion through Spotify playlist, email and social media channels.



Mastering Samples

Important Information for the mastering process

  • Remove any mastering/limiting/compression from the overall master buss 
  • Export making sure the master buss (overall mix) doesn't peak beyond 0db at any point. To avoid clipping and unwanted sound artifacts while bouncing your mixdown. Reduce the master fader leaving 3-4dB of headroom then you should be fine
  • Export the mix as a mixed, stereo 24 Bit or 32 Bit WAV / AIFF file. Please don't export in 16 Bit wav, otherwise peaks above 0db can produce unwanted sound distortions

How to send my Songs for Mastering?

I would recommend to use one of these services to send your audio files for the mastering process. After you ordered your HQ Mastering please send a download link of your song.

Mixing Tips before Mastering

Here's one of the secrets of the mixing engineers. To avoid squashing, if it doesn't sound loud enough to your ears, turn up the monitor! If you find that you've been forced to apply limiting or compression just to keep the meters from overloading, then you've been going about this backwards. Instead, turn down your individual mix levels several dB, then get rid of any compression you were using to "protect" mix. Now your mix is at a lowered meter level, so turn up your monitor gain to arrive at the same loudness. But this time it won't sound squashed. Leave the monitor at that position as you continue to mix.


When you mix a 24-bit or 32-bit recording you can make a perfectly good mix that peaks between -3 and -6 dBFS with no loss of quality. So if the mix gets too loud by your ears, then turn down the elements that are too hot in the mix instead of turning down the monitor again, with no fear of mixing "too low". In other words, a high monitor gain gives you less temptation to over compress. High monitor gain does not necessarily mean high monitor output from the speakers. It means that the mix level had to be lower. Your dynamic mix should be sitting within -3 and -6 dB before mastering. So please do not try to ruin your song in the mix stage.



Start Mixing your loudest Instrument, after that add the other elements of your mix. Try to not exceed -3 dBFS peak on a peak meter on the highest peak of the mix. Low levels are perfectly acceptable in a 24 bit or 32 Bit System. Once you see that the highest peak is in the range of, say, -10 dBFS to -3 dBFS, then from that point on, if you can hear it, the low level passages are ok. Preserve dynamic range! Don't ruin the mix before the mastering process. If the mix sounds good, then soft passages automatically are not too soft. Of course, if you think a soft passage sounds too soft in the mixing, then of course try to fix that during the mixing. But these can easily be dealt with and often more efficiently in mastering.


If you have a VU meter, use it. Use the VU, ignore the peak, and you'll start making better mixes.



The stereo image and depth of your final product will be determined by your skill in mixdown at using delays, reverberation, effects, and your skills in tracking, how you tracked your instruments. Try to make a plan beforehand of how your soundstage might look, where the instruments might be placed.


Send your mix reference for Mastering

If you decide to take advantage of my help. Then I can get the best result if you send me a reference song for mastering. This reference song should be very similar to your music track's sound design and genre. If I orientate myself to the song, I can reach the desired goal much faster. At the end we are both happy afterwards, if your mastered song sounds like one of your favorite music productions.


My guarantee!

The whole mastering process is done after 1-3 working days.  You send me your mixed Track, I start to master your song, then you receive a sample of the mastered track. Next, we talk about the mastering and production process.


As a bonus, I give you advice if I think your mixing technique could be better. If I have suggestions for improving your mix, I let you know how to get a better result. If you wish a modification of the mastering, I'm here to do unlimited revisions till you are satisfied.  So there is no risk because you don't have to pay if you aren't absolutely delighted.


Audio Mastering for Techno & electronic music


Mastering Options

1. Be creative, mix a Track with your favorite music production Software like Ableton, FL Studio, Cubase or Reaper then you have to select one of our services and send your Track to our Mastering Engineer:

2. After you selected a Mastering option the following options can be added on request

  • Additional File Format - MP3 320, Flac, AIFF etc.
  • Additional Version - Radio Edit, Instrumental 
  • Native Instruments Stems format - stem.mp4 file 

3. Upload your Lossless Audio File(s). with Google Drive, We Transfer or Dropbox and send us the Download link. Add important information and a reference track.  *Send us your Mixed Song with at least -3db Headroom as a 24Bit or 32Bit .wav or Upload up to 4 Stems for the Mastering Process (Max. 1 Gigabyte)


4. As soon as possible we start Mastering your Song. Then you will get an email with the first version of your Master. After that, you can send us notes for changes and revisions (Remember that you have unlimited revisions!)


4. When you are satisfied we send you an email with payment instructions. When the payment is completed you can download the mastered song