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Electronic music kick drums techno house music
24. January 2023
In the following blog post, I've brought you some kick drum plugins for electronic music. But if you use one of these tools, I recommend you pay attention to the following tips As an EDM music producer, when creating a kick for techno, electronic music, and house music, it's essential to focus on a few key elements. Firstly, pay attention to the sub-frequencies, as they are crucial for a powerful kick that will drive the beat and provide a solid foundation for the track. Experiment with...

31. December 2022
Learn more about the best VST Techno Plugins for producing. Learn more about the best Synth VST, awesome Kick Drums Vst and effects for your Songs. Today’s technology allows us to create awesome EDM and Techno music tracks from start to finish. You just need a laptop and a couple of plugins. Fortunately, there are hundreds VST plugins to create electronic music tracks. In order to create a song, you need three main types of plugins: synthesizer, instrument plugins, effect plugins, and mixing...

Mixing on Headphones? Open Back vs. Closed Back vs. Semi-Open
27. December 2022
Which Headphones to choose for Mixing? Semi Open vs Open Back vs Closed Back Headphones. Which One Is Right For You? When choosing which studio headphones you want to buy, there are three types to consider – open-back headphones, closed-back, and semi-open. And they all serve a distinct purpose depending on what you want to achieve. Let’s go through each type so you can make the right decision. We’ll also recommend several pairs along the way. Some of the best are open back headphones for...

headphone calibration software free - Use your Heaphones for Mixing and Mastering
25. November 2022
Producing with Headphones EQ for better Mixing decisions

Best Cloud Music Storage and Audio File Hosting 2019
14. November 2022
Music Cloud: best free storage for audio and Filesharing services for your Songs. How to share, play and download large audio Files withs artists, djs and fans

Top Mastering Chain Plugins: How to Master a Song Properly?
13. October 2022
How to Master a Song/Track? Mastering Chain VST Plugins. LUFS Mastered Audio in Music Production and Loudness levels for Streaming, CD or Vinyl

Free Music Distribution: 11 Best Spotify Distributor Services
22. September 2022
Free Music Distribution review 2020. Find best Aggregator for Spotify and Apple Music to make money. How to get your Music on streaming services & download shops.

Free Spotify Promotion: Top 40 Tips to get ahead with your Music
18. September 2022
Free Organic Spotify Promotion Tips for Music Artists. How to get Spotify Plays

music video ideas for rap hip hop
30. July 2022
Music Videos are an integral part of promoting the song and the artist and connecting to the song's lyrics. Hence it should be creative and exciting to attract the audience's attention and bring in new audiences. Do you want to shoot a hip hop or rap music video but hit a roadblock while thinking of ideas? Don't worry; we have got you covered! This article will discuss ten cool music video ideas to bring to your next shoot. Listed below are ten trendy ideas to bring to your next diy music video...

Best Spotify Canvas Maker & Youtube Music Visualizer
25. July 2022
After your music has been arranged, mixed and mastered, it's time to publish your tracks on Spotify and Youtube. Here you can find some great Youtube Music Visualizer and Spotify Canvas maker to visualize your music.

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