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HQ Mastering for 1 Song (30% OFF)

We help optimize your music - load up the last missing percentages in sound quality! An advantage here at you enjoy unlimited revisions till you are satisfied. You get a clear, warm and smooth analog sound. We work with top notch mastering tools, to glue your mix together.



What is included?

Mastering for 1 Songs, choose between our Mastering Club Mix and Streaming optimized Mastering. The File will be delivered in 16 Bit . wav / 44,100 hz


HQ Mastering Club Mix 

  • Louder, but more compressed
  • Club standard loudness levels
  • more distorted sound
  • Use for Downloads (Beatport, Itunes etc)


HQ Streaming Optimized Mastering

  • More dynamic less compressed  
  • Loudness target levels recommended by Thomas Lund & Bob Katz
  • LUFS streaming service optimized: will let your music stand out from the rest on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Tidal and more - less squashed and more dynamic


20€ Voucher for Masterings 2 Songs
$34.99 1


  • Available (Order with Paypal Buyer Protection and Credit Card)
  • Get your optimized audio file within 3-5 days

- 100% Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied the the final result

- Pay now and send you music later by not missing your Discount

- Be Safe! Our Shop uses the Paypal buyer protection


***** Marcus was very communicative, quick to work on this project, and committed to meeting what I was looking for in the master. Would recommend. Thanks! (Georgia / August 2018)

***** Wow thank you very much! Corresponds exactly to my ideas. The timbre and The end result is top. I am 100% satisfied. (Ayoda - July, 2018)

***** Great collaboration! Perfect work and great communication. And most importantly: Marcus was able to listen to my feedback carefully and then knew exactly what he had to do to make it work! Looking forward to the next job together! (Joschka L. / Soundbetter) 


***** Marcus was really patient with my demands and delivered a very nice analog Master. Great attitude and easy to work with. Would recommend. (Firat Ö. / Soundbetter) 


***** Great! I really like it!

More coming your way sooner or later. (Kamil /

Best audio mastering studio

***** Thank you for your great job, I really like the fact that every instrument sounds clear and take a lot of space. (Geoffrey /