20€ Voucher - February Winter sale

You get a 20€ coupon if you order our "2 Songs HQ Mastering" - you just pay 39,99€ for Mastering 2 Songs. The regular price is 59,99€,  this offer is strictly limited and only valid in february 2018 winter sale. Better be quick to save your 20€ (35% Discount) and don't pay more than 39,99€

2 Songs HQ Mastering

*Use your february 20€ Voucher for this order


Get the best out of your almost perfect tracks - we load up the last missing percentages in sound quality! An advantage here at mastng.com you enjoy unlimited revisions till you are satisfied. You get a clear, warm and smooth analog sound. We work with top notch mastering tools, to glue your mix together.



What is included?

Mastering for 2 Songs, 3 different versions included:


24bit.wav-Mastering Club Mix 

  • Louder, but more compressed
  • Club standard loudness levels
  • more distorted sound
  • Use for Downloads (Beatport, Itunes etc)


24bit.wav-Streaming Optimized Mastering

  • More dynamic less compressed  
  • Loudnes target levels recommendet by Thomas Lund & Bob Katz
  • LUFS streaming service optimized: will let your music stand out from the rest on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Tidal and more - less squashed and more dynamic


320MP3 - Regular Mastering

59,99 € 1

39,99 €

  • Available
  • Get The Mix/ Master within 3-5 days