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Best Free Spotify Distributers.

Free Music Distribution: 11 Best Spotify Distributor Services

Free Music Distribution and best Aggregators comparison - How to get your Music on Spotify and Apple Music?

After you've produced your songs and the mixing and mastering process is complete, it's time to publish your Music on streaming services and download shops like Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Youtube Music, or Beatport. 

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Best Free music distribution - Spotify distributors

If you don't want to spend money before releasing and selling your Music. I will show you how to put Music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Itunes, Shazam, or Pandora. There are some free-of-cost solutions to distribute your Tracks with spread income. For example, the Distributor gets 15%, and you keep 85% of the revenue. Often it makes more sense for Independent Artists!

If you have the question, "How to sell/distribute my Music on Spotify or Itunes?" You can read my reviews for the free Digital Music Distributors I found online. The best music aggregators in 2022 / 2023 are Soundrop, Routenote, Bandcamp, Amuse, United Masters, Symphonic, Tunecore, and Distrokid. Some of these Distribution platforms have no yearly fees and no sign-up fees. Some are entirely free digital music aggregators, and others take a commission.

Read more about the cheapest music distributors you can find online.

 In the following Blog post, I compare these details:

  • Who has the best free fast music distribution service

  • Which Distributor can supply the most download and streaming services?

  • How high is the margin the distributors charge you per stream or download?

  • How much must you earn until the music distributor pays you?

Good luck in finding the best monetization options for your Music!

Best Free Music Distribution Companies

Distribute Music for Free - Independent Music Distribution Companies

My comparison for the best music Aggregators: Itunes, Apple Music, and Spotify Distribution. Soundrop vs. Routenote vs. Awal vs Level Distribution vs. Distrokid vs. Bandcamp vs. Amuse vs. Fresh tunes vs. Horus Music vs. Songtradr vs. United Masters

Routenote Review

routenote free music distribution

Are you an aspiring musician looking to get your music on popular streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music? With so many music distribution platforms available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. But fear not; I'm here to introduce you to Routenote, a free music distribution platform helping artists release their music since 2007.


One of the most significant advantages of using Routenote is their extensive network of over 200 shops and streaming services worldwide. This includes popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Google Play, as well as lesser-known Asian and Chinese stores. This means your music has the potential to reach a wide global audience, increasing your chances of being discovered.


Cost/Spread Income:

At Routenote, you can choose between a free and premium plan that suits your needs. The free plan comes with a 15% commission on your earnings. On the other hand, the premium plan allows you to keep 100% of your earnings with only a small upfront cost per release. This way, you can profit most while still benefiting from their distribution services.



It's important to note that Routenote only pays out earnings once your balance on their earnings page reaches the minimum threshold of USD$50. While this can be frustrating for those just starting out and earning smaller amounts, it ensures that Routenote is paying out earnings in a responsible and trustworthy manner.



Musicians can benefit from the additional features provided by Routenote. One of these is Payment Splitting for Collaborations, which allows you to divide your earnings between multiple collaborators easily. Detailed analytics are also available, enabling you to monitor your progress, track your earnings, and gain valuable insights into your audience and marketing strategies.

 As someone who has used various music distribution platforms, I can confidently say that Routenote has a user-friendly interface. Signing up for an account is quick and easy; you can start uploading your music immediately. You can choose which stores and streaming services to distribute your music to. I also appreciate that Routenote does not require exclusive release agreements, so you can still distribute your music elsewhere while using their services.



Routenote has been around for over a decade, making them a well-established and reputable platform. Their Trustpilot rating of 4.3 as of June 2022 further solidifies their reputation as a reliable partner for music distribution. This rating shows that their customers are satisfied with their services and trust Routenote for their music distribution needs.

Compared to other music distribution platforms, I found Routenote to be one of the best user experience and distribution options. The fact that they offer a free plan with such an extensive network of stores and streaming services is impressive. Additionally, their premium plan allows you to keep 100% of your earnings, which is a huge bonus.

In summary, if you're an aspiring musician looking to get your music out into the world, Routenote is worth considering.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a Routenote account today and start sharing your music with the world!

Soundrop Music Aggragator review

Soundrop Review

*Soundrop Music Distribution is the replacement for, whose service has closed in 2016. They offer an almost free Youtube Music, Apple Music, and Spotify Distribution. They charge 0.99 Cent per Song release and 15% of your download and streaming revenue if you use their service. 

Soundrop also includes a Revenue Splitter, an elegant, efficient way to add revenue splits for music collaborators during uploading. So every producer or songwriter gets paid for their work.


Soundrop distributes your music to a wide range of stores, including iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play/YouTube Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal, Resso, Boomplay, Pandora, Facebook/Instagram, Yandex, Netease, Snapchat, Tencent and TikTok. This means your music is available to a wide audience, giving you a better chance of being discovered.

Cost / Revenue Distribution

Soundrop offers an almost free distribution service, charging only 0.99 cents per song release and 15% of your download and streaming revenue if you use their service. This means you can distribute your music to all the major platforms without breaking the bank.


Soundrop has a $20 minimum for payouts, which is reasonable. You will receive your payment as soon as the balance on your earnings page reaches this threshold. It's worth noting that payments may take a few days to process.


One of the standout features of Soundrop is its automatic revenue splits, which are a great way to ensure that everyone involved in the project gets paid. The platform also offers Facebook/Instagram story fingerprinting, which helps prevent copyright infringement on social media, and set up payee splits to distribute revenue to multiple rights holders automatically, and even sell cover songs for a one-time fee of $0.99 per composition.

Review Rating

Soundrop has a Trustpilot rating of 2.3 as of June 2022. While this may not seem impressive. In my personal experience, Soundrop has been a reliable and effective platform for music distribution.

Boost Collective Review


If you are an independent artist looking for a platform to distribute your music, Boost Collective might be the right choice. Boost Collective is a music distribution platform offering various features and benefits for independent artists.


Boost Collective distributes music to over 200 streaming services, including popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. This means that your music can reach a large audience, allowing you to expand your fan base and increase your revenue. The platform's wide distribution network ensures your music is available to listeners across different platforms.

Cost/Spread Income

One of the most attractive features of Boost Collective is its revenue-sharing model. Artists keep 85% of their revenue with no upfront fees, while Boost Collective takes a 15% share. This means you don't have to pay any fees to distribute your music, and you can keep a larger share of your earnings.


Boost Collective pays artists monthly, with artists receiving their share of the revenue from the previous month. This means you can expect a steady income from your music without worrying about the payment process. The platform provides a transparent and reliable payment system, ensuring you receive your earnings on time.


Boost Collective provides exceptional support for independent artists, offering additional services such as playlisting, marketing, and data analytics. Every song you distribute is automatically pitched to playlists, allowing you to promote on autopilot and focus on making music while Boost Collective takes care of the promotion. You can also access label-level opportunities while remaining 100% independent, pitching to editorials and getting on the front pages of stores and platforms, all through your account. This presents a fantastic opportunity to increase your exposure and reach new listeners.

One of the standout features of Boost Collective is its beautiful and comprehensive daily analytics, updated daily. You can use these analytics to make data-driven decisions, grow your audience, and share your success by splitting your earnings with your collaborators. Overall, Boost Collective is an excellent tool for independent artists looking to expand their reach and achieve more tremendous success in the music industry.


Boost Collective has a Trustpilot rating of 4.1, which indicates its reliability and trustworthiness. The platform's focus on supporting independent artists and providing them with the necessary tools and services to succeed sets it apart from other distribution platforms.


Amuse Free Music Distribution

amuse distribution review

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a musician and sharing your music? Amuse, the music distribution service, can help you achieve that dream. Founded in 2016, Amuse is a 100% free music distribution service that allows artists to upload their music and distribute it to popular streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes in just a few days.

The process is simple. All you need to do is download the Amuse app on your IOS or Android device and upload your tracks in .wav format via the app. However, you must also have a Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud account to send your songs directly to Amuse. Otherwise, the service works entirely trouble-free and is worth a try.


Amuse distributes your music to popular streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Audiomack, Claro Musica, YouTube Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, Napster, Pandora, and Tik Tok. With Amuse, you can reach a broader audience and get more exposure to your music.

 *With the free Plan it takes up to 4 weeks to release your music.

Cost / Spread Income:

One of the best things about Amuse is that they keep 0% of your download and streaming revenue. Everything is free, and 100% of the royalties go to the artist. This means you can earn more money from your music than other similar services.


You can withdraw your royalties using PayPal if you've earned $10 or more. "Early Access" also lets you access upcoming royalties as small as $10 from weeks to months earlier than the stores' payout. This means that you can get paid faster and more efficiently with Amuse.


If you pay for Amuse Boost or Pro, your music gets released faster, and you can choose between more streaming services, multiple artist profiles, custom labels, and more. They also discover artists they believe in and offer them a record deal that includes marketing, financing, promotion, and playlist pitching. If you are one of them, they split the profits 50/50 with the artists. This is an excellent opportunity for up-and-coming artists looking for more exposure and support in the music industry.


Amuse has a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store as of May 2022. They also have a 4.0 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot as of June 2022. These ratings show that Amuse is a reliable and trustworthy service many artists have used and enjoyed.

Amuse is an excellent choice for artists seeking an accessible and efficient music distribution service. With Amuse, you can reach a broader audience, earn more money, and get more exposure to your music. Their high rating on the app stores and Trustpilot shows that they are a trustworthy and reliable service many artists have used and enjoyed.

Awal review

awal review

Founded in 2003, Awal Distribution is owned by the Kobalt Music group and represents more than 4000 artists and labels. It's an invite-only music aggregator service, meaning that you can submit your music for distribution. Still, Awal will review it first to ensure it meets their sound quality, social media reach, press releases and Spotify plays from the past criteria. This ensures that the music they distribute is of the highest quality and has the potential to succeed.


Awal distributes your music to over 200 territories and +100 download shops and streaming services, including major platforms like Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Deezer, Pandora, Napster, and Tidal. Additionally, Awal distributes to niche platforms like Beatport, Boomkat, Soundtrack Your Brand, Svooq, Juno Records, Traxsource, and Vevo. This extensive list of distribution partners means that your music has a better chance of reaching a wider audience, regardless of the genre.

Cost/Spread Income

The good news is that there are no upfront fees when you sign up with Awal Distribution. However, they take a 15% share of your music's revenue. This means they only get paid when you get paid, which is fair and reasonable.


Awal Distribution pays out your royalties once a month, usually between the 15th and 20th of each month. The payments are made directly to your bank account, and you can view your earnings and sales data at any time via the Awal App.


Awal offers some extras that are worth mentioning. For one thing, they don't accept everyone. This might sound like a downside, but it means they're selective about the artists they work with. If Awal accepts your music, it's a good sign that you're on the right track. Plus, Awal allows you to keep 100% ownership of your music, which is a big deal for independent artists.

Another perk of using Awal is its App. The App allows you to track your play stats, see where your music is being played, and get insights into your audience. This can be incredibly useful for deciding where to focus your marketing efforts.

Finally, Awal offers marketing, funding, playlisting, radio submissions, and data analytics. These services are only available to select artists, but they can be precious if you're trying to make a name for yourself in the music industry.


Currently, Awal Distribution has a 2.2 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot as of April 2023. 


United Masters review

united masters review

United Masters is an excellent platform for independent musicians to distribute and sell their music online. It offers a fair revenue split, diverse shops for download and streaming, and user-friendly management through a single app. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned musician, United Masters is worth your consideration.


If you're a musician looking for a way to distribute your music and sell beats to other artists, United Masters is an excellent choice. This platform offers a wide variety of shops for download and streaming, including popular options like Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, TikTok, Instagram, Amazon, Tidal, YouTube, and SoundCloud. By using United Masters, you can distribute your music to all of these major platforms, making it easy for your listeners to find and stream your work. This is a great way to get your music out there and gain more exposure as an artist.

Cost/Spread Income

At United Masters, independent artists can enjoy an excellent income model. With the free plan, artists can keep 90% of their streaming revenue, while United Masters takes only 10%. This is an exceptional offer, especially for those new to the industry.

To access more advanced features, you can opt for the SELECT membership, which costs $59.99 per year. This membership comes with benefits like earning 100% of sales revenue. It's worth noting that the SELECT membership is not mandatory, and you can still use the free plan if you're content with the 90/10 revenue split.


United Masters pays its artists monthly via PayPal; the minimum payment threshold is $50. This is a reasonable minimum threshold, and it's achievable for most artists, especially those actively promoting their music.

The monthly payment system is advantageous, as you can immediately receive payment for your streams. Plus, PayPal is a widely used payment system, so setting up an account and receiving your payments is straightforward.


If you're an artist looking to promote your music and brand, United Masters provides a platform for you to create your own website. Additionally, United Masters offers music licensing deals, allowing you to earn extra income by using your music in various media like TV shows, films, and commercials. Members of the SELECT program receive even more benefits, including exclusive sync and brand opportunities, a custom producer storefront, and access to sales and performance data. You can also sell your beats to over 1.5 million artists and receive instant payment.


Overall, United Masters has an impressive rating of 4.1 on Trustpilot as of April 2023. This indicates that many artists are satisfied with the platform and its services.


Songtradr Review

songtradr review

If you're a musician looking to get your music heard and make some money while doing it, Songtradr might be the platform for you. Founded in 2014, Songtradr specializes in music licensing and distribution. This review'll review some key features of Songtradr and how it stacks up against similar platforms.


If you're looking to distribute your music, it's essential to consider the number and variety of stores where your music will be available. Songtradr is an excellent option since they distribute to major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal. They also distribute to smaller, niche stores like Beatport and Traxsource. With Songtradr, you can rest assured that your music will be available to a wide range of listeners globally, helping you to grow your fanbase and reach new audiences.


Songtradr offers two pricing tiers for its distribution service: Lite and Pro. The Lite plan costs $19 annually and includes unlimited distribution for one artist, with Songtradr keeping 40% of your sync and licensing earnings. If you opt for the Pro plan, which costs $49 per year, you'll get unlimited distribution for multiple artists, with Songtradr only keeping 20% of your sync and licensing earnings.

While the Lite plan might seem like a good deal initially, remember that Songtradr will take a reasonably sizable cut of your earnings. If you're serious about making a career out of your music, it might be worth investing in the Pro plan to maximize your potential revenue.


One thing to remember when using Songtradr (or any music distribution service, for that matter) is that you'll need to reach a certain payment threshold before receiving your earnings. With Songtradr, that threshold is $10. Once you've earned at least $10, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal.


Songtradr offers several additional features to help you get the most out of your music distribution experience. One standout feature is payment splitting, which allows you to divide your earnings among multiple collaborators on a song.

Another major advantage of using Songtradr is the platform's robust music licensing capabilities. With Songtradr, you can easily license your music for use in films, TV shows, advertisements, and more, opening up a whole new world of revenue streams for your music.


Finally, it's worth looking at Songtradr's overall rating and reputation. According to Trustpilot, Songtradr has a 3.0 out of 5 as of June 2022. While this isn't the highest rating out there, it's worth noting that most of the negative reviews on Trustpilot are related to payout issues rather than problems with the platform itself.

Overall, if you're looking for a comprehensive music distribution and licensing platform, Songtradr is worth considering. With wide distribution to various stores, robust licensing capabilities, and additional features, Songtradr has everything you need to take your music career to the next level. 


symphonic distribution review

Symphonic is a well-established music distributor that was founded in 2006. As an artist, manager, or label, you can release your music on this platform for free by signing up for the Partner Plan. However, Symphonic will receive 15% of your earnings, and this service is only available to established individuals. Overall, Symphonic is an excellent option for new and established artists who want to distribute their music widely. Its comprehensive distribution network, transparent payment system, and exciting extras provide all the tools necessary to promote and reach a global audience.


One of the best things about is the number of stores they deliver your music to. With over 200 download stores and streaming providers, Symphonic provides a comprehensive and far-reaching distribution network to get your music in front of listeners worldwide. This means your music will be available on popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc.

Cost/Spread Income

At, we offer a tremendous revenue-sharing plan for new artists. The Starter Plan only costs $19.99 annually, and you get to keep all your earnings. This means you won't have to worry about any extra fees to distribute your music, and you get to keep all the money you make.

For a more customized plan, you can apply for our Partner Plan. This plan has no restrictions or fees; you'll only pay a percentage of your royalties as you use additional Symphonic resources.


Symphonic provides a transparent and reliable payment system where artists can receive their earnings directly to their PayPal or bank account. The payout process usually takes up to 1-3 business days after a sale, which is quite fast compared to other music distribution services.

Extras offers helpful tools for music artists to distribute and promote their music. It allows for equal earnings splitting among band members and has a user-friendly dashboard for real-time sales analytics.

Aside from its basic offerings, offers several extras to help artists promote their music, such as music video distribution, social media management, and playlist pitching. These extras are available for an additional fee and can be added to any pricing plan. has a lot to offer, including support for NFT release strategies. NFTs are digital assets that allow artists to monetize their unique music or artwork. With's help, artists can distribute their music physically, including on vinyl, CD, or cassette.


Symphonic. has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 points on Trustpilot (source Trustpilot - April 2023), an excellent rating for a music distribution service. 

Other Options


Tunecore is a leading global music distributor with over 7,000 reviews on Trustpilot, boasting an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Your music can reach over 150 platforms across 200 countries and regions through their services. The annual cost for their distribution services is $9.99 for a single and up to $29.99 for an album.


Are you looking for a reliable and affordable way to distribute your music to over 150 stores, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Tidal, Amazon Music, Shazam, and SoundCloud? DistroKid is your answer. You can upload unlimited songs and albums with plans starting at just $19.99 per year. Plus, you'll keep 100% of your royalties and receive a payment within 1-14 days of a withdrawal request. DistroKid also offers extras like releases on Beatport and a distribution partnership with Spotify. With a Trustpilot rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 14,000 ratings, DistroKid is an excellent choice for independent musicians.

Horus Music

Consider Horus Music for reliable music distribution, with over 200 store partnerships including popular streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. They offer access to Asian markets and have updated their pricing model to an upfront fee starting at £20 per year with 100% of revenue back as royalties. You can also receive extras like physical distribution and telephone support. Trustpilot rates them 4.2 out of 5.

Level Music

Level Music is a global music distributor that can help you release your music without upfront costs or yearly fees. For $20 per year, you can publish up to 200 songs or publish two songs for free. Level Music distributes your music to major streaming providers and download shops and offers a statistics tool to help you understand your listeners. They only take 8% of your revenue and you can withdraw your earnings through PayPal. Create landing pages to promote your music more efficiently. Start sharing your music with the world with Level Music.

How much Music Streaming Services Pay

As a musician, it's important to have a presence on streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music for promotional purposes, even though the pay isn't great. Alternatively, some producers prefer releasing vinyl-only tracks to maintain an underground status. For many musicians, concerts and gigs are the main source of income, but it's crucial to build a strong fanbase on streaming services first. Consider this: if you were to generate 1 million plays on each of these platforms, your estimated revenue would be:

  1. Napster - 19.000$

  2. Tidal - 12.840$

  3. Apple Music - 7830$

  4. Google Play - 6760$

  5. Deezer - 6400$

  6. Spotify - 3180$

  7. Amazon - 4020$

  8. Youtube Music - 2000

  9. Pandora - 1330$

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or ideas you'd like to share. I'm always here to help!
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