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With our Free Mastering online, your songs will reach a whole new level of excellence.

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As a music producer, you know the importance of high-quality mastering. That’s why we’re offering you a free test mastering to show you what we can do for your music.

How does it work?

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We understand that as a musician, you want to take your craft to the next level without breaking the bank. That's why we offer a fantastic opportunity to work with our team of experienced audio engineers, who will provide close guidance to ensure your final tracks are polished, balanced, and ready for distribution.

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Why choose this Free Online Mastering Service?

We firmly believe that when it comes to mastering music, nothing can replace the expertise of a skilled human engineer. While plenty of automated AI mastering services are available, they cannot match the depth and richness our engineers can bring to your music. Trust us to deliver a mastering service that will truly enhance the quality of your music.

Don’t settle for less. Get your free test mastering now and hear the difference for yourself.


Be sure that you leave some headroom when producing your songs. Set -3 / -6 DB as the target when mixing. Please check that there is no compressor /limiter enabled on the master bus (the sum of your song elements)


Render your Song within your favorite music production software(Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio). When converting your Song as a lossless .wav file, choose 24Bit or 32Bit with 44,1khz or more.


Order the Mastering and send me some notes. Also add a download link to your song, for that purpose I recommend using Wetransfer, Filemail, or Google Drive. Please also give me a link to a reference song so I can hear which sound you like.


1. Expertise in sound quality: Professional engineers with years of experience and a keen ear can provide higher quality mastering results than automated processes.

2. Fresh perspective and feedback: We offer a fresh perspective and provide valuable feedback to improve your mix and ensure the best possible sound quality.

3. Customized mastering: A human mastering engineer can tailor their approach based on the specific needs of your track, resulting in more customized and unique masters.

4. Better listening experience: We are Skilled mastering engineers have the expertise to hear nuances that AI may miss, resulting in a better chance of achieving higher quality masters.

5. Tailored for distribution platforms: Here we know how to optimize your music for a specific streaming service or distribution platform, ensuring the best possible sound quality.

6. Years of experience and proven techniques: We have years of experience and have developed processing techniques that improve sound quality and ensure that it translates well across different listening systems.

7. Refined elements for a cohesive listening experience: We will refine the characteristics of a song to ensure that listeners have a coherent and enjoyable listening experience.

8. Personal collaboration: Working with a real mastering engineer allows for more personal interaction and collaboration, resulting in a better final product.

9. Creative input and suggestions: A mastering engineer can provide creative input and suggestions to enhance the overall sound of your music and make it stand out.

10. Attention to detail and subtle adjustments: We pay close attention to detail and make subtle adjustments to ensure that your music sounds its best and meets your expectations.

Expert Tip:

One of the most common mistakes in a muddy-sounding mix is too much bass. Mix your kick in the foreground instead and turn down the bass a bit (or give your bass a low cut) This way, your audio mastering will end up sounding punchier and more powerful.

Mixing And Mastering Audio Samples

Here you can listen to tracks that I have mixed or mastered.

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