Audio Mastering & Mixdown Service

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What we do

Located in Berlin Neukölln offers you best possibilities to get a professionell warm and analog sounding Audio Mastering, Stem Mastering or Audio Mixdown.


We are specialized in electronic music like techno, house, dubstep, electronica, downtempo, deep house or hip-hop, just to name a few genres. To let your music sound great in a club atmosphere or on small speakers at home. 


Our Audio Mastering is the best solution to get the best out of your music and sound like a pro on Itunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Bandcamp, Youtube or Soundcloud.


How it works

1. First, you have to select one of our services:

  • Song Mastering
  • Stem Mastering (Upload up to 6 Stems to get 1 Mastered Track)
  • Audio Mixdown
  • DJ Mix Mastering

2. After you selected one the left you can choose between different Mastering Options. 

  • Red Book Standard -16Bit .wav 44.1kHz (Basic)‎
  • Mastered For Itunes
  • Additional File Format - MP3 320, Flac etc.
  • Additional Version - Radio Edit, Instrumental 
  • Native Instruments Stems format - stem.mp4 file 

3. Then you have to upload your Audio File(s).  Send us a Mixed Song with at least -3db Headroom as a 24Bit or 32Bit .wav or Upload your Audio Stems (Max. 1 Gigabyte)


4. While your Audio files are in the upload process you can fill in your billing Information.


5. Click the Purchase Button to select you Payment options


6. We Master your Track within the next 3 Days. We can rework the Mastering process until you are satisfied. If you don't like the end result you'll get back your Money as immediately.

Important Informations


• Remove any mastering/limiting/compression from the overall master buss 

• Export making sure the master buss (overall mix) doesn't peak beyond 0db at any point. Reduce the master fader leaving 3-4dB of headroom 

• Export the mix as a mixed, stereo 24 or 32bit WAV or AIFF file.

• Click Add files on the left and Upload your Song