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Master 1 Song every 2 Month Subscription

18,90 €/ Month
37,90 € per Song
  • Discounted Mastering: You will receive an HQ audio mastering by a real mastering engineer every two months at a discounted monthly rate.

  • Regular Releases: Build momentum in your music career by consistently releasing new music.

  • Flexible Subscription: Use your mastering credits whenever you need them, and cancel the subscription whenever you want.

  • Expand Your Knowledge: Get full access to the weekly updated "Learn Music Production & Mixing Mastering" Course and improve your skills.

* Limited Availability - Only a few spots left

Tired of boring AI music mastering services? let a real mastering engineer do the job

AI mastering was the golden ticket? Instant pro sound, dirt cheap. Producers everywhere jumped on board. But is that what you want for your music?

Sure, AI mastering was crazy convenient. Especially for cash-strapped artists. But here's the thing: Landr or Ozone AI Mastering slaps the same generic polish on everything. Your music? Sounds like everyone else's. Loses its soul, you know?

AI Mastering can't capture the feeling in your music. The goosebumps. The raw energy.

As a true Mastering Engineer Artist behind the console, I bring the human touch, the magic that makes your music shine. I tailor the sound to your genre and optimize it for streaming platforms and heavy club PA sound systems. 

Join now - to get valuable feedback for your Tracks and continue developing with my "Music Production Course."

Let's begin your musical journey

✔ Dynamic and Balanced Mastering with perfect Loudness Standards

✔ Optimized Master for Club sound systems and streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music)

✔ Free Mix Check – evaluation and consultation

✔ Receive your Master within 1-3 working days

✔ Unlimited Revisions till you are satisfied

✔ If you don’t use your Mastering credit every month, it won’t expire. You can redeem it later at any time.

✔ Get full access to my "Learn Music Production & Mixing Mastering" content and expand your knowledge.

This Techno Master is fantastic - exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. I am very impressed and will be back soon with more music.
Music producer

Let's find
the best sound for your track

Unleash Your Music's Power:
Get a Master Like a Pro

Struggling to make your music sound pro on Spotify? You're not alone. Many musicians crave that powerful, polished sound, but lack the time, skills, or expensive equipment.

Introducing HQ Mastering Subscription: Your secret weapon. Release one mastered song monthly with human expertise, not automated processes. Get that industry-standard sound that elevates your music and grabs attention.

Imagine this: Your music will boom on Spotify, delighting fans and turning heads. Release music regularly with confidence, knowing it will sound incredible.

HQ Mastering Subscription unlocks your potential. Stop feeling discouraged by bad sound. This is your chance to skyrocket your music career. Subscribe, get mastering magic, and let your music shine.

Don't wait. Unleash the power of your music today.

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mastering Audio Samples

Listen to my mastered electronic music, house and techno tracks on Spotify or compare before and after audio samples to experience the impact of mastering.

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