Mixing Studio for Electronic Music

High Resolution Mixing

Get you Track Mixed - Electronic Music Mixdown Service. If you struggle with mixing your Bassline and Bassdrum because everything sounds muddy and your Synthies and Instruments are not clear and wide enough. We are here to solve your Problems and to add three-dimensionality, precision, and analog touch by using top-notch EQing, Compression, Stereo optimization and sound coloring techniques.


You have to bounce your Song into grouped Stems/Tracks like Drums, Percussions, Bass, Synth1, Synth2, Instrument1, FX1, etc. so that we can start the mixing process. You can choose between 2 options, order " High-Resolution Standard Mixing" and send up to 12 Stems/Tracks to us. If you have more Tracks book the "HiRes Extra Mixing" by Sending up to 24 Tracks for one Song



(about £75,00 GBP / $102,00 USD per Song)

100,00 € 1

85,00 €

  • Available
  • Get The Mix/ Master within 3-5 days

High Resolution Mixing + HQ Mastering

The all inclusive package for Mixing and Mastering your music to reach the best possible Sound.


-Choose between Mixing up to 12 Tracks for 1 Song or Mixing up to 24 Tracks per Song. Both variants include our HQ Mastering as well


(about £87,00 GBP / $115,00 USD per Song)

99,99 €

  • Available
  • Receive your mixed or mastered File within 1-3 days

Get the pro sound, let your music mix by our experienced mastering engineer!

Electronic Music Mixdown Service based in Berlin Neukölln - We Mix electronic dance music and improve your sound! Specialized in Mixing Techno, House, Downtempo, Electronica, Indie Dance, Progressive, Leftfield, Minimal, Dance, Deephouse, Tech House and more. To get the best out of your Music, to have the best possible sound in clubs and on streaming platforms like Spotify, Itunes or apple Music. 

What is Mixing Music?


FAQ: How To Prepare for Mixing

  • Send your rough mix stereo file and all your Tracks for Mixing your Song. Your Mix should still sound like the original Idea you had in the beginning
  • Effects to the song should be rendered in the stems for delivery. If you are not sure you could turn off the general eq, compression, delay, reverb
  • To prevent problems, import your stems into a blank DAW session before sending, to make sure there are no clipping, timing and groove problems or other technical issues
  • Multiple formats like .wav, .aiff or Flac are fine, please send 24bit or 32bit / 44100khz recordings 


Please contact me if you have more questions!