Online Mixing Service for your Music

The Tonstudio - We mix your Drums, Synth, Bass and Vocals to shape a piece of music. We are here to solve your biggest problem! I guess you always had the question how to my my Songs together? We have years of experience mixing music to help you get the typical sound you wanna achieve. If you need more information about our mixing service, please scroll down to read the FAQ.

Online Mixing Service

Do you struggle with mixing your Bassline and Bass Drum and everything sounds muddy? Do your Synthies and Instruments are not clear and wide enough? You get help to solve your sound problems: add three-dimensionality, precision, and analog touch by using top-notch EQing, Compression, Stereo optimization and sound coloring techniques.


You have to bounce your Song into grouped Stems/Tracks like Drums, Percussions, Bass, Synth1, Synth2, Instrument1, FX1, etc. so that we can start the mixing process. You can choose between sending 6, 12, 18 or 24 Tracks for one Song. 



($ 69,99 = about € 62,00 EUR / £ 56,00 GBP  per Song)



  • Available (Order with Paypal Buyer Protection and Credit Card)
  • Get your optimized audio file within 3-5 days

What is Mixing Music?

Looking for for sound quality! How to Mix my Music together?

Mixing is the method of tweaking all the individual instrument tracks off a song to make a version that sounds as good as possible. The goal is that all instrument tracks are heard clearly and expressively. The goal is to superimpose frequency-like sounds as little as possible. In addition, the entire song will be given a spatial feel to create a natural environment that will make the final sound in our ears sound perfect.


"Mixing: The arrangement and customization of sound"


The process will include:

  1. Balancing the amount of the tracks that are recorded
  2. Fine-tuning the vocal recordings and every other instrument groups by Equing and transient processing.
  3. “Stereo Image Panning and deepness layering” Spread the tracks between speakers to bring precisely graduated tonal depths to the Song
  4. Adding reverb, Delay, Compression, Saturation, Distortion and other effects to boost excitement, let your song sound bigger

Mixing typically conjointly includes an honest deal of piece of writing – selecting the simplest bits of each take of a song, and generally even building musical components from scratch. As a Mixing engineer I think our activity is to encourage artfulness of of different music genres and to work out all the special characteristics. It is then about rhythmic fine tuning, sound aesthetics, typical effect applications to create the desired feeling of a typical music style

For which music styles do you mix music?

We mostly Mix electronic dance music, so we can deliver the best results because of many years of experience.  We would like to improve your sound when Mixing Techno, House, Downtempo, Electronica, Trance, Indie Dance, Progressive, Leftfield, Minimal, Dance, Deep house, Tech House, Hip Hop, Beats, Trap and similar Music.

How To Prepare Audio Tracks for Mixing?

  • Send your rough mix stereo file and all your Tracks for Mixing your Song. Your Mix should still sound like the original Idea you had in the beginning
  • Effects to the song should be rendered in the stems for delivery. If you are not sure you could turn off the general eq, compression, delay, reverb
  • To prevent problems, import your stems into a blank DAW session before sending, to make sure there are no clipping, timing and groove problems or other technical issues
  • Multiple formats like .wav, .aiff or Flac are fine, please send 24bit or 32bit / 44100khz recordings 


Please contact me if you have more questions!