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Let me help you get the best sound with my music mixing service.

Optimized and specialized in electronic music productions, such as Techno, House, Tech House, Deep House, Progressive House, Dub Step, Nu Disco, Indie Dance, Downtempo, Trance, Hip Hop or Rap music.



Music Mixing Service

✔ Get balance in your low frequencies: No more muddy kicks and bass

✔ Get brilliance, punch and perfect width in your songs for excellent playback on Spotify, Apple Music, or Beatport

✔ Let me help you with my audio productions experience: My ears, trained for 15 years, bring your Song to life

✔ Receive your Mixed Audio after 3-5 days

✔ 0% risk - Unlimited Revisions until you are satisfied

✔ Get a 50% Discount for Mastering your Song (pay $ 19,99 instead of $ 39,99)


Do you struggle with mixing your Kick and Bass, and everything sounds muddy? Do your Synthies and Instruments are not bright and full enough? You get help to solve your sound problems: I add three-dimensionality, precision, and analog touch using top-notch EQing, Compression, Stereo optimization, and sound coloring techniques.


I mix your Drums, Synth, Bass, and Vocals to shape a beautiful piece of music in my acoustically optimized online mixing studio. I'm here to solve your most significant problem with your music production! I guess you always had the question of how to mix your Tracks and instruments together? Are you having a hard time dealing with all the options inside your digital audio work station? I can understand it. There are many ways to find the right compressor, EQ, or reverb effect. Even if you have the right plugins, you need the correct settings, excellent room acoustics, and perfect studio monitors. That's why I'm happy to assist you with my 15 years of experience in music production. I help let your music shine, achieve massive sub-bass, and get the best mixing quality out of your songs. I have many years of experience mixing music to give you the punchy sound like your favorite producers.


If you need more information about my mixing service, please scroll down to learn more about preparing your audio tracks for mixing. I can reach the best results when working with all kinds of electronic music, like Techno, House Music, Tech House, Trance, Minimal, Breaks, Downtempo, Deep House, Disco, Electronica, Electro, Melodic, Hip Hop and Instrumental Beats.


Do you want to close the gap between your productions and top producers? Don't let your music career fail because of bad sound quality. 

Click Buy Now, and I'll take care of the tricky part, to achieve a better listening experience for your audience.


The full potential for your music - Don't regret your audio quality anymore:

Your Fans will enjoy your sound even more, and you will be proud of your forthcoming music release.



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($ 69,99 = about € 62,00 EUR / £ 56,00 GBP per Song)


Before you order your online mixing service, choose how many instruments tracks your song contains:

$95.99 1


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Guide: How To Prepare Audio Tracks for Mixing?

  1. Send your rough mix stereo file and all your Tracks for Mixing your Song. Your instrument tracks played together, should still sound like the original Idea you had in the beginning. Please export separate WAV or AIFF files (with 24bit or 32bit / 44100khz and not volume normalized) for each audio channel and name every track appropriately (Bass, Kick, Hihat, Snare, etc.)
  2. Creative Effects for the Song should be rendered inside the stems for delivery(Delay, Filter, Saturation). But you could turn off the general effects like eq, compression, or reverb on the master bus. Because I can take care of it during the mixing process. Generally, there's no need to recreate effects if you already like them, decide by yourself if you turn them on or off. 
  3. To get the best quality with my audio mixing service, please set the instruments panning to the center position first. Please leave the positioning of the instruments in the room to me.
  4. Audio Levels: Please also ensure that no audio channels are peaking any higher than -3db before exporting. If you record and render the audio too loud, it can affect the final audio quality.
  5. To prevent problems, import your provided stems into a new DAW session before sending it. Compare your tracks if everything sounds right. To make sure there are no clipping, timing and groove problems or other technical issues
  6. During the ordering process, you get to ask to add a download link to your sound files. For that purpose, I recommend using Wetransfer  or Filemail
  7. When I received your Song, I will start the mixing service as soon as possible. First, I check if everything is all right with your sound files, but then I let the magic happen. After 1-3 days, you get back your improved and mixed and mastered song. Next, we communicate and check if you are 100% pleased with the result. If I have to change something, you have unlimited revisions - till you are delighted.
  8. Get something back: If you have released your single or EP, I will support you with promotion. Here at I have about 15.000 monthly visitors, I will share your Song in my Spotify Playlist and promote it on social media.



How to export and render individual Tracks for Mixing?

Here is a collection of Videos, so you can learn how to export individual tracks for mixing.  Just click the link for the DAW/music production software you use:


Typical Mixing Problems I will solve

When you mix your Song, some tasks are not easy to solve. As an example: Mixing kick and Bass for Techno and House music could be a bit tricky. If your kick and bass low-end somehow don't fit together and interfere with each other, you have a problem!


The kick doesn't have enough punch, for example, or the bass isn't powerful enough. Alternatively, your bass consists only of the sub and can hardly be heard on weak speakers? Your hole kick and bass range sounds slightly muddy and is not as round and warm as your favorite productions? 


Are your harmonic instruments so strongly overlapping that they sound different throughout the mix and are sometimes barely audible? Your drums and percussions don't have the pressure you want to have?


Your Song lacks width and three-dimensionality, and somehow everything sounds lifeless and much to clean? Your vocals sound too flat, the energy is missing, or they have different loudness levels?


If you recognize some of these problems in music production, then I can help you.

Order your music mixing service today and make your songs sound powerful in the future.

What is Mixing Music?

Looking for for sound quality! How to Mix my Music together?

Looking for sound quality! How to Mix my Music together?

The advanced Mixing techniques are tweaking all the individual instrument tracks off a song to make a version that sounds as good as possible. The goal is that all instrument tracks are heard clearly and expressively. The goal is to superimpose frequency-like sounds as little as possible. Besides, the entire Song will be given a spatial feel to create a natural environment that will make the final sound in our ears sound perfect.


"Online Mixing Studio Berlin: My arrangement and customization of sound"


The process will include:

  1. Balancing the number of recorded tracks (Mixing Drums / Live Drums, Mixing Lowend (Kick and Bass, etc.), Mixing Vocals (Solo, Chorus, 
  2. Fine-tuning and mixing vocal recordings and every other instrument group by Equing, compression, and transient processing.
  3. "Stereo Image organization, Panning and deepness layering" Spread the tracks between speakers to bring precisely graduated tonal depth to the Song
  4. Adding reverb, Delay, Saturation, Distortion and other effects to boost excitement, let your Song sound bigger
  5. Mixing with reference songs to get better results


Mixing typically includes an honest deal of writing, selecting the most straightforward bits of each take of a song, and generally even building musical components from scratch. As a Mixing engineer, I think our activity is to encourage the artfulness of different music genres and work out unique characteristics. It is then about rhythmic fine-tuning, sound aesthetics, typical effect applications to create the desired feeling of a specific music style.

For which music styles do you mix music?

I mostly mix electronic dance music, so I can deliver the best results because of many years of experience.  I would like to improve your sound when Mixing Techno, House, Downtempo, Electronica, Trance, Indie Dance, Progressive, Leftfield, Minimal, Dance, Deep house, Tech House, Hip Hop, Beats, Trap and similar Music.