10 useful Music Video Ideas to Bring to Your Next Shoot

music video ideas for rap hip hop

Music Videos are an integral part of promoting the song and the artist and connecting to the song's lyrics. Hence it should be creative and exciting to attract the audience's attention and bring in new audiences.


Do you want to shoot a hip hop or rap music video but hit a roadblock while thinking of ideas? Don't worry; we have got you covered! This article will discuss ten cool music video ideas to bring to your next shoot. 


Listed below are ten trendy ideas to bring to your next diy music video shoot:


1. Add Animation and Special Effects

One idea to make your music video attractive is to use various animations and effects while creating the video. This way, your music video will become exciting and appealing to the viewers.


Good animation and special effects always engross the viewers in the video due to the stunning visuals. 

You can use trending animations and effects to create aesthetic visuals, or you can also use old-school animation styles like the stop-motion technique for a vintage feel.


However, adding animation and special effects, especially old-school special effects and animation, can be time-consuming, so make sure to use good video editing tools so that the process is seamless. 


You have to shoot numerous stills of the artists featuring in your music video to create old-school special effects or put modern effects. But, this is an affordable way of shooting a low budget music video and making it cool and trendy.


However, you must ensure not to use too many special effects as it might make the music video look weird and clumsy. 


2. Shoot in Adequate Light and Use the Light Properly

Having good lighting is one of the most basic yet valuable music video ideas for creating a video.


Lighting is one of the most crucial things to look after while shooting a music video. Without good lighting, it is impossible to shoot any video. Therefore, you must take advantage when there is adequate lighting. 

Usually, 'the golden hour,' the time right after sunrise and just before sunset, is the best time to shoot a music video as the sun provides the best lighting. The light is not too bright or dull, making it perfect for the music video shoot.


You can also capture the flares during sunrise and sunset to make your video aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes. 


You must use the light properly by coordinating the light with the music in the video. This technique will make the music video more appealing and engaging to the viewers and give your music video a rhythm that will make it quite catchy. 


Using light in your diy music video will also allow you to create cool camera effects that will help your music video stand out from the rest.


3. Connect Your Music Video to The Lyrics

Connecting the Music to the lyrics is again one of the most ideas. Still, it is also one of the best ideas to make your music video aesthetically pleasing and fascinating.


You must try to show the visual representation of the lyrics in your music video. For example, suppose your song lyrics are about a house in the countryside. In that case, you must show a home in the country to make the song and the video more relatable to the audience. 


Your music video should also be in sync with the lyrics. For example, suppose the house in the countryside in the previous example is mentioned in the song's second stanza. You show it while the third stanza is playing. In that case, it will not affect the audience. This way, the audience will form a connection with your video and the song in the music video. 


Without developing a relationship to the song, the audience will not be able to enjoy the music video and vice versa.


It is common for the audience to picturize the song's lyrics while listening. Therefore, your music video should picturize the song to create an impact on the audience. A relatable music video also leads to several discussions related to the song and, therefore, is bound to attract more viewers. 


4. Choosing Unique Locations

Locations are a must to make the video visually pleasing and captivating. The aesthetic quality of any music video comes from its location.


However, good locations are standard in music videos; therefore, you must choose a unique place to make your music videos stand out. 


You may also select unusual places to film to tap the audience's curiosity. For example, if your song is about a generic topic like love, choose unique or symbolic romantic destinations instead of the usual romantic places.


So you make your music video more attractive to the viewers. If your song is about paradise, film your music video in a less visited aesthetically pleasing place or a mountain with all the musical instruments. 


This way, you can easily make your video appealing and mesmerizing. 

However, the location must be relevant to the song's lyrics; otherwise, it will generate confusion among the viewers. And they will not be able to relate to the music video. 


5. Shoot Footage at Various Speeds

Since music video filming is slightly different from traditional filmmaking, you can take the liberty to record your footage at a different pace.


Use video maker tools to speed up or slow down the footage at your discretion to eliminate the monotony of a traditional video. You can also use them to make various effects to grab the viewers' attention. 


For example, suppose you want to induce a dramatic effect in your music video. In that case, you can use slow-motion to create this effect. Similarly, if you're going to portray a time leap, you may increase the speed of the footage to indicate that a lot of time has passed between the scenes. 


6. Reveal the Climax Slowly

The most exciting part of the music video is its climax. This part usually includes something unexpected or shocking that the audience will be surprised to see.


An effective climax creates a profound, everlasting impact on the viewer. 

Hence, you must ensure to make the video in such a way that you do not give away the surprise element of the music video. A slow reveal will keep the viewers curious and leave a long-lasting impression. 


7. Use the One-Shot Technique

One of the most engaging ways to shoot a music video is the one-shot approach. You can use this technique to impress. 


However, shooting a one-shot video is also one of the most challenging techniques. The method requires an experienced director and performer. 

Nonetheless, it is a feasible and fantastic way to record footage for your music video as it does not require too much equipment or locations.


A one-shot video is usually shot on one particular site with one camera in one shot. In that case, it does not require much time and people either. 


8. Use a Drone to Film Your Music Video

If you have enough funds, you can hire a drone operator and use the drone to capture spectacular aerial shots. To make your music video more aesthetically pleasing. Aerial photos, if done right, can be one of the attraction points in a music video. 


You can shoot many aerial footages of the location and the singers in your video and compile them with a video maker to create a fascinating music video.

Drones are a great way to capture the essence and beauty of the location.


However, you must be careful while using drones because of the rules and regulations attached. Make sure to take permission before using drones and check where flying drones are not allowed. 


9. Portray a Captivating Story Through Your Music Video

Your music video must tell a story to the audience. The storytelling technique should be so engaging that the viewers will not get distracted while watching the music video. 


The video must have continuity, and the scenes of the music video must carry symbols relevant to the song to keep the audience intrigued. 


Furthermore, scenes must not overlap each other. The audience must find a link between scenes after transitioning from one scene to another. 


This method increases their curiosity to watch the music video. 


10. Use an Appropriate Colour Palette for Your Music Video

Colour Palette is one of the most important things to look after while shooting a video. The video's color palette should match the song's vibe or theme for it to become relatable.


For example, suppose your song is sad, and you use incredibly bright colors in your music video. In that case, it will not create an impact on your audience. 


On the other hand, if you use a dark color palette, it will represent the sadness and agony in the song and help the audience to connect to the music video.


Similarly, for a happy song, you use gloomy colors like grey or black; the music video will not have an optimistic effect on the audience. 

You can also use the color palette to express the emotions or moods of the characters.


For example, suppose the protagonist in your music video is angry or in pain. In that case, you can use red to represent their anger.



There are many excellent ideas for music videos you can use to shoot your music video. Quirky and trendy video ideas can enhance your content and make it a hit among the masses. Especially now, when there is a lot of competition among creators to create unique and refreshing content. You must up your game to make engaging music videos that will attract new audiences. 

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