Podcast editing Service

Podcast Editing - Mixing and Mastering

You are planing to launch a podcast, but you can't achieve the intend audio quality by yourself? 

You search a person who's able to save you time and take care of all the technical stuff?

I'am your reliable and experienced podcast editor, producer and assistant to improve your audio quality and to reach your goals!


Do you have trouble making your voice sound clean? Do you want your recorded voice to sound bigger and richer? Do background noises bother you in your recording? Are you having trouble adding music, sound effects and jingles to your recording? Did click noises occur during the recording or did the S-sounds of the voice-over become too present? Do your vocal recordings have too big loudness level changes? For these problems I have a solution. Contact me to discuss the solutions. To start a successful podcast the quality should be right. This is the only way to make your podcast production a success. So that you win more listeners. I can help you with my 15 years of experience with audio editing software. This saves you nerves and gives you more time to take care of other things.


Reach a perfect and comprehensive Voice Over (editing and Optimization) 

● Audio Cleaning up ( Background Noise | Clicks | Pops | Breaths | Echo | De-essing | Reverberation ) 

● EQuing ( Corrective Equalization | HP and LP Filtering ) 

● Final Mixing and Mastering ( Compression | Limiting | Normalization | Level Adjustment | De-essing )

● Audio Editing ( Cutting out Pauses, Outtakes, Umms, Ahhs | Combining Different Recordings )

● Adding Intro, Outro, Music and Adds (Applying Fades and Crossfades)

● Adding ID3 Tags and Cover Art Images

● Uploading to Hosting Platforms (Libsyn, Blubrry, SoundCloud, etc)

● Podcast RSS Feed Submission to iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, iHeart Radio, etc.

● Podcast and recording advice (Equipment, Recording Process, Software, Podcasting Platforms, Workflow, Strategy, Other)

x This service don't includes the recording process


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Find the best Voice Recording Apps for IOS and Android, to record your Podcast on the go.



Best Voice Recorder App & Podcast Software

Here are some of the most popular apps for recording podcasts via Iphone, IOS or Android.

Try some of the suggested podcast apps now

Podcast App IOS Android
Spreaker Studio Yes  Yes
Ferrite by Wooji Juice LTD Yes  No
Anchor FM Yes  Yes
Smart Recorder Yes Yes
Voice Recorder Lite by LiveBird Yes  
Voice Recorder by Lin Fei Yes  
Voice Recorder by Happy Tap Yes  
Dictaphone Yes  Yes
Easy Voice Recorder by Digipom   Yes
Samsung Voice Recorder   Yes
Audio Note 2 Yes  

Smartphone Microphone

To achieve quality recordings, the Microphone is most important. Meanwhile, some microphones have been specially developed for smartphones. With these, you can create dynamic and rich recordings. So that your voice doesn't sound so tinny, I recommend you to invest in a solid microphone. For outdoor recordings, you need a windscreen. To avoid the very annoying wind noise, you get an attachment for the microphone. This tool is the so-called Windscreen. It throttles the wind on its way into the microphone's recording capsule. This way the energy of the wind is absorbed and your recordings sound very good even outdoors.

Where to upload Podcasts?

For your podcast to be heard, you need to upload and distribute it online on audio streaming platforms. As podcasts become more and more popular, you should think about spreading your content this way. 


Here are some of the best sites to host your Podcast.


  1. Apple Podcasts
  2. Google Play Podcasts
  3. Spotify
  4. TuneIn
  5. Stitcher
  6. Podbean
  7. Soundcloud
  8. Podomatic
  9. Lybsin