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HQ Mastering
✔ Dynamic and Balanced Mastering with perfect Loudness Standards for your Tracks ✔ Optimized Master for Club sound system and streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music)  ✔ Receive your Master within 1-3 days ✔ Unlimited Revis ... (Read More)
$50.00 1 $39.99
Pro Stem Mastering Service
If you are not completely happy with your Mix, choose Stem-Mastering. Send up to 5 Stems/Tracks for each Song, I enhance your Mix by tweaking each stem detail individually and Master your Song. So I have more control on every sound element a ... (Read More)
$75.00 1 $59.99
Online Mixing Service
Do you struggle with mixing your Kick and Bass and everything sounds muddy? Do your Synthies and Instruments are not bright and wide enough? You get help to solve your sound problems: I add three-dimensionality, precision, and analog touch b ... (Read More)
$95.99 1 From $69.99
Remastering Audio
If your Songs sound bad and are not comparable with today's quality standards?  You have clicks, crackles, background noise, hiss or hum you don't get rid of in old audio or live recordings?   I Remaster your old Music Files ... (Read More)
$70.00 1 $39.99
Mastering Your DJ Mix
Improve your DJ Set or book you mastering for a Podcast or Live Recording. If you need a optimized sound for your DJ Mix on Soundcloud, Youtube, Itunes or Beatport this service will improve the audio quality of your recording.  As a result y ... (Read More)
$30.00 1 $19.99
Podcast Mixing and Audio Editing
You are planing to launch a podcast, but you can't achieve the intend audio quality by yourself?  You search a person who's able to save you time and take care of all the technical stuff? I'am your reliable and experienced podcast ... (Read More)
$150.00 1 $99.99

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Paypal customer protection

We are more than glad to satisfy your ears with our sound process. If you have some specific Mix and Mastering wishes outside the shopping card. Please refer to one of the Engineers at our Music Studio by using this contact form.

Optimized for Streaming and Club surroundings
Optimized for Streaming and Club surroundings