Mixing and Mastering Prices

Music Mastering

Online Music Mastering House Music and Techno

Electronic Music Mastering Services: Your sound problems belong to the past! 


 Dance Music Mastering, get that pro sound and let some fresh ears tweak your productions.

✔ Club, streaming and download shop optimized for Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.

✔ Adds punch, optimize Track details and Stereo width

✔ Get a warm analog sound to you final mix. 

✔ Balanced and dynamic results, with a great sound on small speakers and club sound systems.

 Production consulting: ask me everything about producing

Mastering Session with unlimited revisions

Spotify and Soundcloud playlist promotion

Pro Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering Services for dance music

Stem Mastering: Dance Music Master with precision& processing of individual instrument tracks

Price:  71,99 €  for 1 Song



 ✔ More detailed: In-depth editing for your instrument groups.

✔ The best solution if you need perfect mixing results for your songs.

✔ Send up to 6 stems/musical elements for stem mastering, like Drums, Bass, Synth, Vocals, and FX.

✔ Every stem will be edited individually to get the most out of your music.

✔ Also, everything you see in the HQ Mastering Service description is included.

✔ Producer consulting; ask me everything about making music.

✔ Spotify and Soundcloud playlist promotion.


Mixing & mastering

online mixing and mastering services

Electronic Music Mixing and Mastering Services: Optimization for every part of your track.



 ✔ Get a balanced, powerful bass and big, heavy drums.

✔ Add punch and optimize your muddy-sounding bass range.

✔ Clean up your vocal recordings—make your voice more rich and professional.

✔ Your instrument tracks, like synth, piano, pads, etc., are processed individually so that every part of your mix sounds fat.

✔ Give your song the right amount of compression and saturation for a better sound experience.

✔ Get a 3-dimensional Stereo Image.

✔ Mastering service worth 35 € included