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Tired of AI mastering like landr and emastered sucking the life out of your tracks?

As a producer, you pour your heart and soul into your music. You want it to bang. But generic AI mastering? It leaves your Tracks sounding flat and lifeless.

That's where human magic comes in.

When you have a real mastering engineer on your side, you have someone who understands your music, knows what makes it tick, and can help bring out its full potential.

Subscribe to my human mastering service and get the following:

  • One pro mastering per month at a killer price.

  • Personalized feedback and tips to level up your sound.

  • The confidence that your music sounds exactly as you envisioned.

This offer won't last forever.

29€ mastering subscription

HQ Mastering

Stereo Music Mastering: Give your music production punch and power
  • Save time and money
    & Get a warm analogue sound for your final mix.
  • Optimized for Streaming and Download Shops
  • Adds punch, optimises track detail and enhances stereo width.
  • Balanced and Dynamic Results: Great sound on small speakers and club sound systems
  • Prepare your song for distribution and get valuable feedback

stem mastering

Stem Mastering

Online Stem Mastering is a Advanced mastering with editing of 6 group tracks
  • More detailed, in-depth Mastering
  • Each stem is individually edited to get the maximum out of your music.
  • The best solution for perfecting your mixing results
  • Send up to 6 stems/musical elements for stem mastering, such as drums, bass, synth, vocals and FX.
  • Everything described in the HQ Mastering Service is included.

Pro Mix & Mastering

Mixing and Mastering: Detailed optimization for every part of your song
  • Balanced and Powerful Mix
  • Optimize Kick & Bass: Heavy Drums for Maximum Impact!
  • Professional Vocal Mixing for Rich and Clear Sound.
  • Depth, 3D sound with individual instrument processing
  • Compression, Warmth, and Saturation for a Better Sound Experience
  • Free HQ Mastering Service Included: Turn Your Song into a Record!

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