Restoration, Editing & Cleaning Up Audio


We rescue your Audio - Our service of removing imperfections by preserving the natural sound!


Audio repair, sound editing, and cleaning up artifacts.  Here is your solution for restoration and optimizing your Podcasts, Videos, Commercials, Youtube Audio, live recordings by cleaning up dialog, voice-overs, and interviews.


How we can help you to fix your audio problems:

  • De-clicking (erase snaps, pops, and crackles)
  • De-clipping (remove digital & analog clipping artifacts for distorted bad recordings)
  • Loudness level adjustment (vocals, )
  • Denoising (Noise reduction for hum & buzz  / background chatter / traffic / rumble)
  • De-Hiss / De-Essing
  • De-reverb and improving bad acoustics when something is recorded in a poor sounding environment


***Satisfaction Guarantee:

If your audio material has to much damage and is not reparable you get back your money. But actually we are good in removing noise where you thought it would never have been possible


28,99 €

  • Available
  • Receive your mixed or mastered File within 1-3 days