Audio Restoration Services

Restoration, Editing & Cleaning Up Audio

 -Start your audio restoration and get your repaired audio file back within the next 1-3 days.

-Remove Pops and Crackles from your vinyl record collection

-Get an optimized volume of your songs or recorded audio

-Balance your audio recordings, equing low, mid and high frequencies to get a better sound.


Rescue your Audio - My service for removing imperfections by preserving the natural sound!


If you need audio repairing, sound editing, and cleaning up artifacts of you audio recordings we are here to help.  Here is your solution for restoration and optimizing your Vinyl Records, Podcasts,  Audiobooks, Web Videos, Commercials, Youtube Audio, documentaries, promos, corporate videos, live recordings by cleaning up dialog, voice-overs, and interviews. If you plan to release your audio material on Audible, Amazon, Itunes or Youtube the sound quality should be optimized and consistent to give the listener a enjoyable experience.


I ensure satisfied listeners


Every listener wants to hear a professional production without extraneous sounds such as plosives, mic pops, mouse noise and clicks or outtakes. Also the volume levels should be optimized, that the listeners won't have to constantly adjust the volume of their playback device. I also regulate the levels of the noise floor every recorded audio has, that your background sounds are almost invisible.


Order my restoration service - Your listeners will love the enhanced audio quality



***Satisfaction Guarantee:

If your audio material has to much damage and is not reparable you get back your money. 



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audio restoration techniques

We can help you to fix the following Audio problems.

  • Youtube audio crackling
  • Clean up audio for submissions to audible
  • Enhance Product Video Audio Quality
  • Edit voice in video to make it sound better
  • Video post editing (Audio production)
  • Edit voice clips for a podcast
  • De-clicking (erase snaps, pops, and crackles)
  • De-clipping (remove digital & analog clipping artifacts for distorted bad recordings)
  • Loudness level adjustment (vocals, )
  • Denoising (Noise reduction for hum & buzz  / reducing background chatter, traffic or rumble)
  • De-Hiss / De-Essing on vocal tracks
  • De-reverb and improving bad acoustics when something is recorded in a poor sounding environment
  • Audio Tape restoration
  • Youtube audio enhancer
  • Youtube sound distorted
  • Reduce the background noise from interviews

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