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Music Mixing and Mastering Service


✔ Get the sound quality like your favorite artists. I'll help you add punch, power, and clarity to your songs. With 15 years of experience in mixing and mastering, I guarantee you an outstanding sound experience.

✔ Get balance in your low frequencies: No more muddy kicks and bass

✔ Bring warmth, brilliance, and depth to your music production - Fat drums, powerful vocals, and analog-sounding synth for your track.

✔ Receive your Mixed and Mastered Audio after 4-7 working days

✔ Low risk - Unlimited Revisions until you are satisfied


Mastering service worth 36,99€ included:

✔ Perfect Loudness Standards for your Song (16 Bit .wav file & 320kbps .mp3 included)

✔ Optimized Master for Club sound system and streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music) 

✔ Promotion through Spotify or Soundcloud playlist


Do you want to close the gap between your productions and top producers? Don't let your music career fail because of bad sound quality. 

Click Buy Now, and I'll take care of the tricky part to achieve a better listening experience for your audience.


The full potential for your music - Don't regret your audio quality anymore:

Your Fans will enjoy your sound even more, and you will be proud of your forthcoming music release.




(99,99€ = about $ 100,00 / £ 84,00 GBP per Song)


Select the number of your instrument tracks, then complete the order:

119,99 € 1

99,99 €

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Music Mixing and Mastering Service

How do I send my files for mixing or mastering?

Upload your audio files via a file hoster like or Google Drive, then you can use the following contact form to contact me.