Podcast Producer: Podcast mixing and audio Editing

Podcast Mixing and Audio Editing

You are planing to launch a podcast, but you can't achieve the intend audio quality by yourself? 

You search a person who's able to save you time and take care of all the technical stuff?

I'am your reliable and experienced podcast editor, producer and assistant to improve your audio quality and to reach your goals!


Reach a perfect and comprehensive Voice Over (editing and Optimization) 

● Audio Cleaning up ( Background Noise | Clicks | Pops | Breaths | Echo | De-essing | Reverberation ) 

● EQuing ( Corrective Equalization | HP and LP Filtering ) 

● Final Mixing and Mastering ( Compression | Limiting | Normalization | Level Adjustment | De-essing )

● Audio Editing ( Cutting out Pauses, Outtakes, Umms, Ahhs | Combining Different Recordings )

● Adding Intro, Outro, Music and Adds (Applying Fades and Crossfades)

● Adding ID3 Tags and Cover Art Images

● Uploading to Hosting Platforms (Libsyn, Blubrry, SoundCloud, etc)

● Podcast RSS Feed Submission to iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, iHeart Radio, etc.

● Podcast and recording advice (Equipment, Recording Process, Software, Podcasting Platforms, Workflow, Strategy, Other)

x This service don't includes the recording process


Extra Service: Producing Music for your Sound Branding - Intros, Jingles, Sound logos (Please send a message)

$100.00 1


  • Available (Order with Paypal Buyer Protection and Credit Card)
  • Receive your optimized audio within 1-3 days