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best electronic music audio mastering for hip hop, deephouse, dance music,

HQ Audio Mastering

✔ Dynamic and Balanced Mastering with perfect Loudness Standards for your Song (16 Bit .wav file & 320kbps .mp3 included)

✔ Optimized Master for Club sound systems and streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music)

✔ Free Mix Check - evaluation and consultation - Please let me know in advance if needed 

✔ Specialized in Electronic Music Mastering (Hip Hop, Techno, House)

✔ Receive your Master within 2-4 working days

✔ Unlimited Revisions till you are satisfied

✔ Promotion through Spotify or Soundcloud playlist


(Price: about €36,99 EUR / £30,00 GBP / $35,99 USD per Song)


 It's your turn. Now get up to speed with mastering your audio and generate great-sounding results quickly.


Choose between Mastering 1 Song, 2 Songs or Mastering 4 Songs:



HQ Mastering
40,00 € 1

36,99 €

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