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HQ Test Mastering for 1 Song

We help optimize your music - load up the last missing percentages in sound quality! An advantage here at you enjoy unlimited revisions till you are satisfied. You get a clear, warm and smooth analog sound. We work with top notch mastering tools, to glue your mix together.


To try my Mastering Service you have the possibility to get 1 Test Mastering with a big discount on your first order. This test mastering is only possible once per person and limited to 1 song.




HQ Mastering for Club and Streaming 

  • Use for Downloads (Beatport, Itunes etc)
  • More dynamic less compressed  
  • Loudness target levels recommended by Thomas Lund & Bob Katz
  • Streaming service optimized: will let your music stand out from the rest on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Tidal and more - less squashed and more dynamic
  • Use for Downloads (Beatport, Itunes etc)



✔ Excellent sound leads to an exceptional listening experience

✔ A great listening experience will give a high impression of your music 

✔ Fabulous impression leads to great reviews and recommendations 


✔ Many reviews and recommendations lead to more sales and streams, in other words Popularity, Success and higher  possibilities for Playlist placements or Gig opportunities 


1 Test Mastering for you $ 14,99 instead of $ 44,99
$44.99 1


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