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HQ Test Mastering


✔ Dynamic and Balanced Mastering with perfect Loudness Standards for your Tracks

✔ Optimized Master for Club sound system and streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music) 

✔ Specialized in Electronic Music

✔ Receive your Master within 1-3 days

✔ Unlimited Revisions till you are satisfied

✔ Promotion through Spotify or Soundcloud playlist


Limited Test Mastering: This is your last step to create a successful song. I help to let your music stand out so that your sound will be remembered. Get rid of flat muddy bass-lines and kick sounds which miss the punch and power. Add more value to your music productions and get this sound like your favorite artists.


I Remove what hurts your music and achieve that deep warm sound. If your music production is still causing you headaches, here is the right solution for you. I know it is hard to produce music all by yourself. Most of the successful artist can't be wrong if they are looking for help among the mastering process.


You can save time and nerves, and I will get the best possible quality out of your mixed Song. Do you need a warm analog sound, optimized for Streaming and download shops (Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Beatport, Itunes)?  I bring life into your Songs, with the right balance and required loudness levels. You will hear that I can deliver decent results



How to start the Mastering process?


  1. Be sure that you leave some headroom when producing your songs. Set -3 / -6 DB as the target when mixing your music. Creating perfect loudness levels is part of the mastering process. Please check that there is no compressor /limiter enabled on the master bus(the sum of your song elements)
  2. Render your song within your favorite music production software(Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio). When converting your song as a lossless .wav file choose 24Bit or 32Bit with 44,1khz or more
  3. During the ordering process, you get to ask to add a download link to your sound file. For that purpose, I recommend using Wetransfer or Google Drive.
  4. When I received your song, I will start the mastering process as soon as possible. First I check if everything is all right with your sound file, but then I  let the magic happen. After 1-3 days you get back your improved and mastered song. Next, we communicate and check if you are 100% pleased with the result. If we have to change something, you have unlimited revisions - till you are delighted.
  5. Get something back: If you have released your single or EP, I will support you with promotion. Here at I have about 10.000 monthly visitors, I will share your Song in my Spotify Playlist and can promote it on social media




Do you want to close the gap between your productions and top producers? Don't let your music career fail because of bad sound quality. 

Click Buy Now and I'll take care of the problematic part, to achieve a better listening experience.


Full potential for your Tracks - Don't regret your audio quality anymore:

Your Fans will enjoy your music even more and you'll be proud of your coming release. 


To try my Mastering Service here at you have the possibility to get a Test Mastering with a big discount on your first order.

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Test Mastering Reviews:

Sean [USA]

This Techno Master is fantastic - just what I was looking for. Thanks very much. I am pretty impressed, and I will be back with more music soon.

Ayoda [Germany]

Wow thank you very much! Corresponds exactly to my mastering ideas. The timbre and The result is top. I am 100% satisfied.

Martin [Switzerland]

Very nice Work and I'm very happy with the master! You get the details out there and it sounds very good in the club 

Mathijs [Netherlands]

Thanks a lot man for your music Master ! That was exactly the sound I was looking for 

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