Top Underground Techno Songs 2021: Spotify Playlist

Underground Techno Songs Playlist 2020

Top Techno Songs 2021 - Best Techno Playlist on Spotify with more than 100 Songs.


Listen to hard hitting Underground Techno Music 2020 / 2021 [ Ambient Techno, Dark Techno, Acid Techno, Big Room,  Hard Techno ]


You will hear some of the hottest tunes from Warehouse Raves and ecstatic club nights around the globe.

This  Techno charts Playlist is updated weekly with popular Techno Songs 


Best Techno Tracks - Spotify Playlist 2020

Listen to some of the top Techno Tracks 2021 and follow this techno playlist on Spotify. This Spotify Playlist contains popular dark techno tracks by: Randomer, Amotik, Woo York, KAS:ST, Surgeon, Introversion, Johannes Heil, Slam, Mark Broom, Neel, Gary Beck, Truncate, Pan-Pot, Charlotte De Witte, Marcell Dettmann, Luigi Tozzi, Boston 168, Schacke, Monoloc, Nthng, Heiko Laux, Randomer and many more.


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Youtube Playlist

Follow this Playlist on Youtube and listen to dark 4 to the floor club music



Follow this Techno Playlist with some of the hottest underground Techno Tracks



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german techno by agravik

Leipzig Techno Music by Agravik. Huge release by the upcoming techno producers.


Genre: Hard Techno / Industrial techno

Year: 2021

Format: Digital Single


Listen / Buy

Belgium techno

Belgian producer Simon Stax knows how deliver with his latest 2021 techno hit "Pointless". Dark, Driving Industrial Techno with high energy, brings you proper pressure on the club dance floor.


Genre: Dark Industrial Techno

Year: 2021

Format: Digital/Single

German Techno

Freshly released, hypnotic German techno from Stuttgart. Toby Long impresses with beautiful appregiator sounds that make you float away. Listen to Toby Long - Modular on Spotify.


Label: LongPlay rec.

Genre: Deep Hypnotic Techno 

Year: 2020

Format: Digital/Single

Hungarian techno


DeFault Mode  just released his Supercell EP, which contains 4 techno songs. The Hungarian techno producer from Berlin convinces with hard acid and industrial sounds. Listen to his EP now on Spotify or Soundcloud


Genre: Acid Techno / Industrial techno

Year: 2020

Format: Digital/Single

Best Swiss Techno Music by Toma Hawk

Underground Techno from Switzerland 


Listen To Toma Hawk - The Watcher on Spotify or download both tracks on Beatport


Label: Lakota

Genre: Deep Peaktime Techno / Acid

Year: 2020

Format: Digital/Single

Top Progressive Techno from Frakfurt

Deep Progressive Techno from Frankfurt, Germany


Listen to Minimum - Norum on Spotify or Soundcloud


Label: LongPlay rec.

Genre: Deep Techno / Progressive

Year: 2020

Format: Digital/Single

Dark Techno from India

Dark Techno from India


Lisen to Trytec - Distant Body on Spotify or Soundcloud


Genre: Hard Techno / Driving techno

Year: 2020

Format: Digital/single

Dark Acid Techno Song by Roman Graf  - Download Acid Data

Underground Techno from Zürich, Switzerland 


Listen to RØMAN G. - Acid Data on Spotify, Apple Music etc. or download on Beatport. 


Label: decide. Recordings

Genre: Dark Techno / Acid Techno

Year: 2019

Format: Digital/Single

Popular Techno Clubs

Berlin Techno Clubs: Berghain, ://about blank, Tresor, Ohm, Revier Südost

London Techno : Xoxo, Fabric, Printworks, Phonox

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