Vinyl Mastering


- Vinyl Mastering for up to four Songs

- 2 mastered versions (for vinyl record production and for digital distribution)

Vinyl cut Optimization for high frequencies (sibilants, cymbals, hihats) and mono compatible bass range

- Delivery in lossless audio format with the highest possible recording quality

174,99 €

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Mastering for Vinyl

Mastering for Vinyl does not require an entirely new master to be created. But I must pay attention to some things to avoid mistakes when pressing Vinyl.


  1. High-Cut Filter: try to cut your high frequencies about 16khz with an 18db slope to avoid distortion
  2. Low-Cut Filter: To prevent the vinyl needle from jumping, you should cut the low frequencies below 30hz
  3. Sibilance / De-Lessing: To many High Frequencies between 3khz and 9khz can produce distortion while pressing a vinyl. Try to tame harsh Hihats and Vocals for Mastering on Vinyl
  4. Mono Low-end: Below 150hz, all Bass frequencies must be centered to avoid problems with the groove of your track
  5. No Strong Limiting: A Dynamic Mastering Sounds louder on Vinyl. Try to avoid Clipping which can result in a distorted audio Playback. RMS values up to -12 should sound good in the end.
  6. Order of your Songs: Quiet Songs should be put on the inside of a Vinyl, due to dynamic and frequencie limitations of a vinyl. Songs with a higher energy level should be played first and placed on the Vinyl to the outside.

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Deciding How Long To Make each side of your Vinyl record

  • 12" at 33 rpm - max. 18-22 minutes
  • 12" at 45 rpm - max. 11-14 minutes
  • 10" at 33 rpm - max. 15:00 minutes
  • 10" at 45 rpm - max. 07:00 minutes
  • 07" at 33 rpm - max. 06:30 minutes
  • 07" at 45 rpm - max. 04:30 minutes