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I am here to assist you in achieving the ultimate sound for your mix through my top-notch stem mastering service. With the ability to submit up to 6 instrument stems per song, I guarantee your music will stand out and make a lasting impact on your audience.


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Low Risk

Unlimited Revisions

3-5 days

Fast delivery of the Stem Master.

A absolutly Powerful Master

Unlock the full potential of your music with a stem mastering service. Are you tired of traditional audio mastering not delivering the sound you want for your tracks? As a mastering engineer, I understand the importance of having a final product that embodies your creative vision and sounds its best.

With stem mastering, I work with up to 6 grouped tracks to balance and enhance each element, from kick and bass to vocals and synth. This approach effectively solves mixing problems and creates a more transparent, balanced overall sound.

Specializing in electronic music, techno, house, and hip-hop - my online stem mastering service is optimized for multiple outputs, including streaming, club sound systems, CD, and vinyl. Stem mastering offers the best price/performance solution. Just send me multiple stems, and watch your song shine.

And the best part? Stem mastering is not only more accurate but also more affordable than you might think. Let me exceed your expectations and deliver a final master that will make your music unforgettable.

 Experience the benefits of stem mastering today. Contact me for more information about my services.

How to create Stems for Mastering

Stem Mastering? When mastering music productions, it can be helpful to render the individual tracks (also called "tracks" or "channels") as so-called "stem." Stems are groups of tracks that can be edited together for greater control over the mix.

There are three ways to create stems:

  1. Grouping in the DAW: Most digital audio workstations (DAWs) allow you to group tracks. For example, all guitar, vocal, or percussion tracks can be grouped. The group can then be rendered as a stem using the DAW's export function by selecting only the grouped track.

  2. Using the Solo function: Another option is to use the DAW's solo function to render only the desired tracks as the stem. This means you mute all other tracks and solo and render only the selected tracks.

  3. Using the Mute Function: Unlike the Solo function, you can also use the Mute function to mute individual tracks. This way, you can mute unwanted tracks and render only the tracks you want.

Customer Opinion

This Techno Master is fantastic - just what I was looking for. Thanks very much. I am pretty impressed, and I will be back with more music soon..

Sean [USA]
Techno Producer
Customer Opinion

Looking forward to working with you again - you mixed my electronic music song' last year which helped get me signed to Mystery Freedom Records.

Customer Opinion

This is exactly what I wanted !!! It's brilliant and I even got goosebumps listening to it. Everything comes out beautifully !!! I would use your services again for sure!!! Thanks a lot

Nils Andreas
Melodic House Producer

Stem Mastering FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What is Stem Mastering

Stem mastering is a technique that offers more in-depth and fine-tuning options to improve your mix. It involves sending up to 6 stems, or grouped tracks such as drums, bass, synths, or vocals, to a mastering engineer who works on each stem separately.

The mastering process adds punch and power to the low frequencies while balancing and adding air to the highs, resulting in a warm, analog character to all elements of your song.


Stem mastering is the ultimate solution to avoid a weak mix with unbalanced bass, kick, and muddy mids. It is important to avoid making compromises during the mastering process, as they can lead to these issues.

For those who strive for top-notch outcomes in music production, stem mastering and stem mixing reign supreme over stereo mastering. By employing up to six stereo stems or instrument tracks, these techniques provide a more extensive perspective of the mix, which ultimately leads to an enhanced end product.

Opt for stem mastering to achieve optimal sound quality for your music. With stem mastering, you can trust that your mix will be handled with utmost care and attention, leading to a polished, top-notch end result.

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