DJ Mix Mastering

dj mix mastering service
DJ Mix Mastering - Boost your DJ-Set or Mixtape

DJ Set Mastering for your Vinyl, Live, Traktor or Serato recordings.

Does your Mixtape suffer from low volume? 

DJ Mix Mastering helps you to compensate volume differences of your songs for a pleasant listening experience.


- DJ Mix Mastering: with this Service Your DJ mix gets more punch and power on Soundcloud, Mixcloud or Youtube

- Compression and Limiting: Getting volume levels correct from track to track - DJ Mix Volume adjustment

- Editing your Serato, Traktor or Vinyl DJ Mix to get a well sounding .wav or mp3 File 

- EQ balance: to have less difference between the songs. More rumble in the lows and airy high frequencies

- DJ Set Mastering for up to 3h long DJ mixes


Improve your DJ Set or book you mastering for a Live Recording. If you need a optimized sound for your DJ Mix on Soundcloud, Youtube, Itunes or Beatport this service will improve the audio quality of your recording.  As a result you will get a professional loud and distortion free sound on streaming services  to stand out from the crowd.


How to master my DJ Mix?



  1. Click on Start Mastering my DJ Mix, then send me your set via
  2. Afterwards I start editing and you will get your sound file back within 1-3 days.
  3. Please make sure that your DJ mix is not heavily distorted and clipping in order to achieve the best possible quality in DJ mix mastering

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DJ Mix Mastering

Price: 19.99€