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Electronic Music Mixing and Mastering Services - Don't let your music sound amateur.

Techno Mastering Mixing Electronic Music

You have created a fantastic song. But there's just one problem: it doesn't sound as good as you want it to.

If great sound is everything to you, choose this state-of-the-art audio experience for your music. Your mixing and mastering studio for energetic, vibrant sound and constructive feedback.
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It's time to take action and unleash your full potential as a musician. Whether you have long-forgotten gems stored on your hard drive or brand-new productions ready to be released, it's time to bring them to life. Put the finishing touches on your music productions and release them with confidence.

Expect tight, warm basslines and powerful kicks that will turn your listeners into raving fans. Whether you're planning a digital release on Spotify, Apple Music, and Beatport or a release on vinyl.

At, I've been providing electronic music and techno mixing and mastering services since 2016. Founded in Berlin, Germany, I bring a unique perspective and understanding of the electronic music scene to every project I work on. Be sure to settle for the best for your music, and Let me help you achieve your vision.

Personal Fulfilment

Get help realizing your artistic vision and creating your own sonic identity.


Get valuable feedback and guidance, to Improve your music production.

Quality Boost

Through high-quality mixing and mastering, you stand out from the crowd and convince with quality.




Mix & Mastering Service

I understand the struggles of producing music in today's digital age. The many possibilities of a DAW like Ableton or FL Studio can be overwhelming, especially when mixing kick and bass or adding that all-important balance, §D Sound and stereo width to a track.

But don't let these struggles hold you back. As a professional mixing & mastering engineer, I am here to help you make your songs club-ready and powerful. With my trained ears and the best possible tools, I will improve your audio quality and make your songs sound big and punchy.

Leave the decisions to a pro and rely on my expertise when mixing and mastering your following electronic music release. Treat yourself to a warm analog sound experience for your music production, because a great sound experience is all that matters to your fans.

My goal is to guide you to reach the professional sound that your favourite producers already have. If you have bad room acoustics and limited studio monitors, this is your solution for achieving impressive bass and delicate high frequencies in your tracks.


HQ Mastering

Stereo Music Mastering: Give your music production punch and power
  • Save time and money
    & Get a warm analogue sound for your final mix.
  • Optimized for Streaming and Download Shops
  • Adds punch, optimises track detail and enhances stereo width.
  • Balanced and Dynamic Results: Great sound on small speakers and club sound systems
  • Prepare your song for distribution and get valuable feedback
stem mastering

Stem Mastering

Online Stem Mastering is a Advanced mastering with editing of 6 group tracks
  • More detailed, in-depth Mastering
  • Each stem is individually edited to get the maximum out of your music.
  • The best solution for perfecting your mixing results
  • Send up to 6 stems/musical elements for stem mastering, such as drums, bass, synth, vocals and FX.
  • Everything described in the HQ Mastering Service is included.

Pro Mix & Mastering

Mixing and Mastering: Detailed optimization for every part of your song
  • Balanced and Powerful Mix
  • Optimize Kick & Bass: Heavy Drums for Maximum Impact!
  • Professional Vocal Mixing for Rich and Clear Sound.
  • Depth, 3D sound with individual instrument processing
  • Compression, Warmth, and Saturation for a Better Sound Experience
  • Free HQ Mastering Service Included: Turn Your Song into a Record!

What Customer Say


May 10th, 2023

Hip Hop Mixing and Mastering

Very nice Work and I'm very happy with my mix and mastering. You get the details out there and it sounds very good in the club


May 12th, 2023

EDM Mixing and Mastering

Looking forward to working with you again - you mixed my electronic music song' last year which helped get me signed to Mystery Freedom Records.


May 10th, 2023

Techno Mastering Service

I have now mastered 6 Techno tracks and I can only say, always happy again! A competent and friendly advice. In addition, a great sound and super results! Great work from Marcus! highly recommended!!!

Nils Andreas

May 12th, 2023

Electronic Music Mastering

This is exactly what I wanted !!! It's brilliant and I even got goosebumps listening to it.
Everything comes out beautifully !!! I would use your services again for sure!!! Thanks a lot

Audio Mastering vs. Stem Mastering

Are you tired of traditional audio mastering not delivering the sound you want for your music? As a mastering engineer, I understand the importance of having a final product that represents your creative vision and sounds the best. That's why I highly recommend stem mastering.

With stem mastering, we can work with up to 6 grouped tracks of your song, ensuring that the kick, bass, synth, drums, and vocal elements are perfectly balanced. This method of mastering is particularly effective in solving problems that can occur during the mixing process, such as unbalanced kick and bass, resulting in a muddy sound.

But stem mastering gives you many options and is less expensive than you might think. Let me deliver a great-sounding final master that exceeds your expectations. Stem mastering allows more precise control over individual elements of a mix, resulting in a more cohesive and balanced overall sound. It also allows adjustments to specific elements of your mix, giving me more flexibility during the mastering process.

Stem mastering: the key to unlocking your music's full potential. Let's make your music sound unforgettable. Contact me today to find out more about my services.

Mixing And Mastering Audio Samples

Here you can listen to tracks that I have mixed or mastered.

Marcus Lux

Mixing Mastering Engineer

You have come to the right place...

As an experienced mixing and mastering engineer with a deep passion for electronic dance music, I have gained invaluable knowledge and expertise from studying sound design and working and DJing in Berlin's vibrant techno and house music scene for many years.

Whether you need a crisp mix, a powerful master, or both, my services are tailored to your individual needs and preferences. I use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to enhance your music and give it a personal touch that reflects your artistic vision. I firmly believe that every song deserves a fresh human ear and creative approach, and I am committed to providing reliable, skilled services that exceed your expectations.

Why Mix And Master Your Songs

  • Want a better audio experience with competitive loudness levels? Audio mastering and mixing is an investment in the quality of your music, your career, and your future. Get the next level of sound you always wanted.
  • Excellent audio quality: Optimize the punch and power of your tunes and get massive sound with a healthy dynamic range. Stand out with bombshell low-end and rich high frequencies, adjusted with the finest EQs.
  • High-quality sound through online mixing and mastering creates an outstanding, warm listening experience. Whether on streaming services or vinyl. Making your music sound better means more listeners and more recommendations.
  • Ensures a successful distribution of your music - Mixing makes your songs eligible for more playlist placements and more successful submissions to labels. Ultimately, it simplifies your music production process and helps you save time.
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How To Order

Important information for the dance music mixing and mastering process.


Select your preferred service and complete the ordering process by clicking on "Buy now and Improve my Audio".


Save your tracks as a lossless 24-bit or 32-bit .wav stereo file and upload it to Wetransfer or Google Drive.


When placing your order, please include the download link for the audio file and a reference track that represents the sound you are aiming for. This will help me understand your preferences and deliver the desired outcome.


I will review your song for any errors and provide advice if needed. Once that is complete, I will begin optimizing the audio. You can expect to receive your mixed or mastered track within 3 to 7 business days.
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