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Get your music ready for the dance floor and say goodbye to poor sound quality.

Improve the quality of your music for the club and streaming services with my specialized EDM, Hip Hop, House, and Techno Mastering and Mixing service.

Hear the difference and achieve your goals.

Personal Fulfilment

Achieve your creative goals and express your unique musical style to impress labels and listeners.

Quality Boost

Stand out from the crowd with crisp, clear and balanced sound quality to get your tracks played in clubs and by DJs.


Learn from me as a mixing and mastering specialist and improve your music production skills with constructive feedback and tips.
Mixing & mastering Review

Marcus, thank you so much for listening to our request, you have no idea how happy we are to finally find an engineer who 1) listens 2) understands 3) knows exactly what to do for the request! I hope you will be around for a long time so we can send everything else your way man, well done!

Music producer
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Mixing & Mastering

Now is the time to accelerate your growth as an artist and put poor sound quality behind you.

Dig out those forgotten gems from your hard drive - it's time to bring them to life alongside your brand-new creations!

Now is the time to express your musical potential. Put the finishing touches on your tracks and get them ready for the world to hear!

Warm, tight basslines, powerful mixes, and mastering are waiting for you to impress your fans, whether you want to publish a digital release on Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, or vinyl.

Here at mastrng.com I have been turning electronic music like techno and house into hits since 2016. This mixing and mastering studio was founded in Berlin, Germany, to help musicians reach their goals faster with a reliable partner.

Because your music deserves the best sound!





Join over 1k+ happy artists who have used this mixing & mastering service to make their music sound better than ever.

Low Risk

Enjoy the unlimited revisions policy. If you are not happy with the result, I will work on it until you are.

2-5 Days

Get your mixed or mastered track delivered to your inbox in 2-5 days. No long waiting, no hassle, no stress.

Mixing and mastering techno
and all kinds of electronic music

I understand the struggles when producing music in today's digital age. The many possibilities of a DAW like Ableton or FL Studio can be overwhelming, especially when mixing kick and bass or adding that all-important balance, 3D Sound and stereo width to a track.

But don't let these struggles hold you back. As a specialized electronic music & techno mastering engineer, I am here to help you make your songs club-ready and powerful. With my trained ears and the best possible tools, I will improve your audio quality and make your songs sound big and punchy.

Leave the decisions to a pro and rely on my expertise when mixing and mastering your following electronic music release. Treat yourself to a warm analog sound experience for your music production because an excellent sound experience is all that matters to your fans.

My goal is to guide you to reach the professional sound that your favourite producers already have. If you have bad room acoustics and limited studio monitors, this is your solution for achieving impressive bass and delicate high frequencies in your tracks.

Genres// Tech House. Techno. House. Melodic House. Drum & Bass. Deep House. Minimal. Progressive. Trance. Electronica. Disco. Trap. Hip Hop

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May 10th, 2023

Hip Hop Mixing and Mastering

Very nice Work and I'm very happy with my mix and mastering. You get the details out there and it sounds very good in the club


May 12th, 2023

EDM Mixing and Mastering

Looking forward to working with you again - you mixed my electronic music song' last year which helped get me signed to Mystery Freedom Records.


May 10th, 2023

Techno Mastering Service

I have now mastered 6 Techno tracks and I can only say, always happy again! A competent and friendly advice. In addition, a great sound and super results! Great work from Marcus! highly recommended!!!

Nils Andreas

May 12th, 2023

Mastering Electronic Music

This is exactly what I wanted !!! It's brilliant and I even got goosebumps listening to it.
Everything comes out beautifully !!! I would use your services again for sure!!! Thanks a lot

Want to Transform Your EDM Tracks? Book a Pro Mixing & Mastering Service Online Today

HQ Mastering Service

Make your next EP or Single a hit. Choose HQ Music Mastering to add punch, clarity and power to your music production.
  • Balanced and dynamic mastering results for great sound on small speakers and club sound systems
  • Adds punch to the low-end, optimizes track detail and enriches the 3D stereo image.
  • Prepare your song perfectly for self-distribution or submission to labels.

Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering is an advanced mastering with editing of 6 group tracks. Each stem is edited individually to get the most out of your music.
  • The best way to perfect your song if you are not completely satisfied with your mix
  • Send up to 6 stems/musical elements such as drums, bass, synth, vocals, and FX to add clarity to your mix.
  • More detailed, in-depth mastering, more control through fine-tuning options for a richer sound experience.

Pro Mixing & Mastering

Achieve a perfectly balanced and powerful mix. Choose mixing and mastering to fine-tune every part of your song.
  • Immersive 3D sound with individual instrument processing and professional vocal mixing for rich, clear sound.
  • Get heavy drums for maximum impact and balanced low frequencies by tweaking Kick & Bass!
  • Smooth analogue sound with selected reverberation, compression and saturation
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Marcus Lux

EDM & Techno Mixing Mastering Engineer

You've come to the right place.

With 8+ years of experience as a mixing and mastering engineer, my passion for electronic music, particularly techno and house, has fueled my deep understanding of these genres.

As a performing artist and DJ in Berlin's renowned club scene, I've gained a firsthand understanding of how techno and house tracks translate to energetic crowds.

Having played at Wilde Renate, Golden Gate, and Kater Holzig and worked at the legendary Griessmühle (now RSO.BERLIN), I've honed my ability to create tracks that resonate with club audiences.

This experience, combined with sharpening my technical skills in sound design, mixing, and mastering tailored explicitly for electronic music when studying at Wave Akademie, has prepared me to bring out the energy in your techno and house tracks.

Hear the Difference
Mastering Techno & Mixing EDM Samples

Here you can listen to some of my electronic music Mastering and mixing projects

Audio Mastering vs. Mixing and Mastering

Are you frustrated that regular mastering doesn't give your songs the sound you want? Do you feel that more can be done to enhance the sound experience?

As a mastering engineer, I understand the need to realize your creative vision and deliver exceptional-sounding results. That's why I highly recommend mixing and mastering if you're struggling to get the balance and clarity you need in your tracks.

You can send me each track individually or combine tracks into groups for mixing and mastering. This way, kick bass, synth, drums, and vocal tracks are optimally matched.

I guarantee that muddy sounds will be a thing of the past because mixing and mastering will bring clarity to your songs. Whether you are having trouble matching kick and bass or your vocals need some fine-tuning, mixing and mastering gives you an effective solution for mixing all the musical elements precisely. It gives me more precise control and flexibility, resulting in a cohesive and balanced overall sound.

Techno House Hip Hop Melodic

Why Mix And Master
Your dance music Songs

Are you looking for a better audio experience with competitive loudness levels? Save time and take the next step in getting the sound you always wanted.
  • Audio mastering and mixing is an investment in the quality of your music, your career, and your future.
  • Enhance the power of your tunes and get a massive sound with a healthy dynamic range. Make a statement with bombshell low-end and rich high frequencies, adjusted with the finest EQs to give you the best possible sound.
  • Achieving high-quality sound through online mixing and mastering can greatly enhance the listening experience, providing a warm and outstanding sound that will attract more listeners and recommendations.
  • Proper mixing and mastering can make or break a music career. A well-mixed track can increase the chances of landing a spot on playlists and getting noticed by record labels.
mixing mastering service

How To Order

Important information for the dance music mixing and mastering process.


Select your preferred service and complete the order process by clicking "Add to cart" - "Proceed to checkout" and choosing your payment method.


Save your tracks as a lossless 24-bit or 32-bit .wav stereo file and upload it to Wetransfer or Google Drive.


After placing your order, you will need to include the link to download the audio files, additional information about your project, and a reference track that represents the sound you are trying to achieve. This will help me understand your preferences and deliver the desired result.


I will review your song for any errors and provide advice if needed. Once that is complete, I will begin optimizing the audio. You can expect to receive your mixed or mastered track within 3 to 7 business days.

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