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Specializing in Electronic Dance Music:

Techno, House Music, Tech House, Trance, Minimal, Breaks, Downtempo, Deep House, Disco, Electronica, Electro, Melodic, Hip Hop, and Beats


✔ Excellent audio quality leads to an outstanding listening experience.

✔ An exceptional listening experience creates a powerful impression of your music production.

✔ High-quality audio leads to more listeners, shares, and recommendations.

✔ More engagement leads to more popularity and successful distribution.

✔ Plan to grow your artist career. Get the chance for more playlist placements and submit your songs successfully to labels.

✔ Save time and make producing your tracks an easier experience.

Do you want a better audio experience for your audience? This is an investment in your Music quality, your career, and your future. Get the next-level sound you always wanted.


You are a talented producer, but is something missing when a DJ plays your song or when you listen to your track on Spotify or Soundcloud? Does the song lack audio quality as compared to other tracks on streaming services? In other words, does your production sound dull, harsh, or muddy?


Affordable Audio Mixing and Mastering Service (incl. Soundcloud & Spotify Promotion) fast delivery within 2-3 days

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Sean [USA]

This Techno Mastering is fantastic - just what I was looking for. Thanks very much. I am pretty impressed, and I will be back with more music soon.

Ayoda [Germany]

Wow thank you very much! Corresponds exactly to my mastering ideas. The timbre and The result is top. I am 100% satisfied.

Martin [Switzerland]

Very nice Work and I'm very happy with this mastering for my melodic house track. You get the details out there and it sounds very good in the club 

Mathijs [Netherlands]

Thanks a lot man, for your excellent Stem Mastering Service!  That was exactly the sound I was looking for .

What you Get: Listen to some Mixing and Mastering samples

 Or listen to my Mixing and Mastering:

Eliminate your sound problems


What is your studio like? Do you have lousy acoustics or weak monitors? Are you overwhelmed by all the plugins when producing with a DAW like Ableton, Protools, Cubase, or FLStudio? I understand, as it took me a few years to get up to speed when I started producing in 2004. Many mistakes were made!


Do you believe that your production skills could be better? If so, I'm here to help with mixing and mastering. I can even add the last missing percentages in audio quality, to deliver a colossal sound, whether on huge sound systems or small radio speakers. As an extra, you will also get help with promotion, for example, via Soundcloud and Spotify playlists or Instagram.


To succeed, you must stand out from the crowd! Nobody likes to listen to low-quality audio. Inadequate bass response and shrill high frequencies are some common problems. Through precise mixdown and mastering techniques, here at Berlin, I help to produce superb audio results. Get better sound quality—that pro sound your favorite producers already have.



Mix and Master Techno and House Music

Tech House Mastering Berlin
Mastering, Mixing Engineer. Marcus, Studio Berlin

My goal is to improve your music with the highest-grade audio tools and my years of experience working with digital audio and studying sound design. I help to solve technical problems that can arise during the audio recording process and your song production.


Some other services might use artificial intelligence or have automated audio processing that barely influences the result. Here, you can communicate with me to achieve the best possible outcome. Berlin offers the advantage of solving individual problems. To me, having satisfied musicians and offering excellent service is essential.


This service is for artists who want to be successful in their careers. Take the next step as a musician and achieve pleasant audio quality for your audience. You get my full support in creating excellent sound for your upcoming release (digital or vinyl). This mixing and mastering service also includes promotion packages.





HQ Music Mastering

Techno Mastering Service Berlin

Online Mastering Service: Enhance your audio productions 


 Get that pro audio quality and let some fresh ears tweak your productions.

✔ Club, streaming and download shop optimized for Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.

✔ Adds punch, detail, width, and a warm analog sound. 

✔ Balanced and dynamic results, with a great sound on small speakers and club sound systems.

✔ Mastering optimized for vinyl 

✔ DDP master file for CD releases

 Production consulting: ask me everything about producing

✔ Unlimited revisions untill you are satisfied.

Spotify and Soundcloud playlist promotion

Pro Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering Services - Prices from $55,-

Stem Mastering: More 

Detailed master for individual instrument tracks

Price: $ 59,99  for 1 Song


 ✔ More detailed: In-depth editing for your instrument groups.

✔ The best solution if you need perfect mixing results for your songs.

✔ Send up to 5 stems/musical elements for stem mastering, like Drums, Bass, Synth, Vocals, and FX.

✔ Every stem will be edited individually to get the most out of your music.

✔ Optional: Native instruments STEMS file for Traktor.

✔ Also, everything you see in the HQ Mastering Service description is included.

✔ Producer consulting; ask me everything about making music.

✔ Spotify and Soundcloud playlist promotion.


Music Mixing Service

mixing house music production and techno

Online Music Mixing Service: Optimization for every part of your track.


 ✔ Get a balanced, powerful bass and big, heavy drums.

✔ Add punch and optimize your muddy-sounding bass range.

✔ Clean up your vocal recordings—make your voice more rich and professional.

✔ Your instrument tracks, like synth, piano, pads, etc., are processed individually so that every part of your mix sounds fat.

✔ Give your song the right amount of compression and saturation for a better sound experience.

✔ Get a wider 3-dimensional mix through special techniques when using delay and reverb.

✔ 50% discount on the Mastering Service.


*If you Order the Mixing Service you get a 50% discount to Master the same song,

please use the redeem code "MasteringDiscount"

Electronic Music Mixing Service and Mastering from Berlin-Neukölln
Electronic Music Mixing Service and Mastering from Berlin-Neukölln

How is your sound optimized ?


  • Optimize the punch and power of your tunes.
  • Accentuate the groove of your kick and bass through compressor and limiter.
  • Stand out with bombshell low-end and rich high frequencies, adjusted with the finest EQs.
  • Tame problematic frequencies for a better listening experience.
  • Warm analog characteristic through tape, tube, and console sound processing.
  • Balance track details with competitive loudness levels.
  • Extend depth with 3-dimensional stereo widening.
  • Get massive sound with a healthy dynamic range.
  • Optimized for club sound systems, streaming services, and online stores.




Full potential For your Production

Are you ready to improve your audio and make your next songs even better?


  1. The process. This is how it works:
  2. Save your track as a lossless 24-bit or 32-bit .wav stereo file.
  3. Start the ordering process. Include your audio file and add one of your favorite reference tracks so that I know what sound you want to achieve
  4. I will check your song for possible mistakes and offer advice if necessary.
  5. Then I will start the audio optimization. After 1 to 3 days, you will get back the mixed, mastered file. Don't worry; with my services, you have unlimited revisions. We'll work on the song until you're satisfied.
  6. If you have released your single or EP, I will help you with the promotion. Here at, I have about 15,000 monthly visitors. I will share your song in my Spotify Playlist and can promote it via Soundcloud and on social media.

Okay, not as tricky as you would have thought, right? Are you ready to start?


Start making the most of your potential as an artist. Be creative; take your time and stay focused. Be confident and enthusiastic while producing to achieve the best results!


Inspire your listeners with powerful kicks and warm, groovy basslines! Get noticed with your next single, EP, or album release.





Vinyl Mastering for Bladehouse
Vinyl Mastering for Bladehouse
free download convolute - nubivagant mp3
Listen to Convolute at Progressive Astronaut
Electronic music mastering for beatport spotify and soundcloud
Mixing and Mastering
Music knows no borders! Thanks to the thousands of artists and producers who visit every month. Berlin Mastering and Mixing Service for International Musicians

online mixing and mastering
Experience a perfect listening experience for your tracks specializes in electronic music artists. My studio is based in Berlin, a city that has had a significant impact on electronic dance music, with its urban club scene. After working for three years in the Berlin techno club Griessmühle, I am now 100% focused on optimizing songs for Berlin artists and international acts.


I provide top-notch audio to musicians and producers, to give your songs that big, warm sound.


For years, I have been focused on and passionate about techno, house, minimal, tech house, deep house, hip hop, and the dance music club scene. My equipment and experience allow me to offer you an outstanding warm analog sound. Here, you get fast editing of your audio stems, at affordable rates.


How do you feel about your music production? Have you spent years trying to mix and master your songs? Do you still find it challenging to achieve your desired audio quality? Let me do the work to get the essential refinement and add more value to your tracks. I can boost the quality of your tracks with my trained ears and balanced studio monitors.


PS: If you prefer impersonal service and a standardized, flat sound, you can try automated services to improve your audio material. Here, I do the opposite and try to support artists with production tips, promotion, and the delivery of quality sound. You will get a mastering or mixdown adjusted to your music style. Do you want to try my affordable test mastering service?




Good Times for Music Producers are coming

Paid Streaming Music Streaming Subscribers in Million - Worldwide
Paid Music Music Streaming Subscriber in Million - Worldwide

After many years of stagnation, musicians’ income is finally rising again. In 2019, 300 million paying customers of music streaming services were reached for the first time. Spotify alone has 100 million paying subscribers. Also, vinyl records are achieving higher sales numbers. I believe that the future for up-and-coming musicians looks very bright. The music business, with streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, seems to be very promising. Though it will take some time, the music business will be getting bigger than ever before.


I think that very soon, more and more musicians will be able to pay their rent through streaming income. When you are done with your song production, and once your songs are mixed and mastered, you will want to make sure that your songs are available online. Meanwhile, there are many cheap ways to distribute your music online.


Mastering Berlin
Streaming optimized online mastering

Streaming Optimized

online mixing mastering service with reference tracks

Send your reference Tracks and set a target

Techno Mastering with competitive loudness levels

Competitive Sound

Mastering Loudness Levels

Loud & Clear Sound - push your levels while retaining dynamics 

mixing mastering service against loudness war

Against Loudness War

Best Mastering tools 2019

Song optimization with top Sound Engineering Tools

Audio mix and master with unlimited revisions

Unlimited Revisions

Mastering with Paypal payment

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