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 Excellent sound leads to an exceptional listening experience

 A great listening experience will give a high impression of your Music productions to your fans 

 Fabulous impression leads to more likes and recommendations 

 Many recommendations, shares and likes lead to more fans and streams

 Gain popularity and get  higher possibilities for Playlist placements 

and Gig opportunities while saving time and nerves when making music


It's very important for your success, to stick out of the crowd! Nobody likes to listen to low quality music. Through precise mixing and mastering techniques I can help to achieve desired results. Invest in Sound Quality for your music and I'll give you the pro sound for your songs.


Be creative, stay focused, be positiv, be enthusiastic about producing music, to achieve the best!




Mastering Mixing Berlin: for techno & Electronic Music

Pristine Sound for your Music

Achieve only the best possible sound quality and don’t settle for less



Room and Speaker measurement by Sonarworks, for precise linear Sound and better results
Room and Speaker measurement by Sonarworks, for precise linear Sound and better results

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Marcus from a Berlin Mastering and Mixing Studio based in Neukölln

My goal is to help and improve your Music with the best audio tools on the market and about 15 years of experience in music- production, mixing, mastering, arrangement and sound design. My service is for artists who want to be successful with their music career. Take your next step as a music producer and get the best possible audio quality for your listeners and fans.


Most important I don't use automated mastering techniques, I'am not a robot and you can talk with me to let me fix the weak and muddy parts of your songs.  I will help you to reach grade levels for your audio files and give you production advice when i think something is wrong. We communicate and I process and tweak your audio waves till you are satisfied.

Your Berlin Mixing, Mastering Services

HQ Mastering service for electronic music like techno, house, downtempo hip-hop from Berlin

HQ Mastering

Order my Mastering Service to enhance your finished music productions

  • Get that pro sound and let some fresh ears tweak your productions
  • Club, Streaming and Download shop optimized Mastering for Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.
  • Adds punch, detail, width and warm analog sound 
  • Balanced and dynamic results, great sound on small speakers and club sound systems
  • Mastering optimized for vinyl 
  • DDP Master File for CD releases
  • Including music production consulting, ask me all about mixing and mastering and get help
  • Unlimited Revisions till you are satisfied

Price: $ 44,99 for 1 Song

          € 39,99

Stem mastering Native Instruments Traktor

Pro Stem Mastering

The Best Mastering choice! Detailed work on individual instrument tracks

  • More detail: In-depth Mastering
  • Best solution if you are not completely happy with your mixing results
  • Send up to 5 Stems(musical elements) like Drums, Bass, Synth, Vocal
  • Every stem will be edited individually, to get the best out of your song
  • Native Instruments STEMS File for Traktor included
  • Also, everything you see in the HQ Mastering description is included
  • Including music production consulting, ask me all about mixing and mastering and get help

Price: $ 56,99  for 1 Song

          € 49,99

Remastering old songs from vinyl, tape or cd. Remaster your music

Mixing Service

  • Get a Balanced powerful Bass and big heavy drums
  • Get rid of the muddy sounding bass range
  • Clean up your vocal recordings - Make your voice sound better and professional
  • Your instruments tracks like synth, piano, pads etc. are processed individually so that every part of you mix sounds fat
  • Give your song the right amount of compression and saturation for a better sound experience
  • Get a wider 3 dimensional mix, by using special tricks when using delay and reverb


Mastering and Mixing Online

Mastering und Mixing is Art perfection, if you have bad room acoustics and speakers, it's not easy to achieve good sounding results. Mastering involves editing one mixed audio track. If your mixing skills are good, your song can be optimized and refined by mastering. Give your song the icing on the cake for release on vinyl and online distribution like streaming and downloads.


When Mixing, I have access to all individual tracks and can edit and optimize them down to the smallest detail. Let me help you with the mixing of your songs by using best reverberation effects, compression, saturation and EQ Plugins. For a great professional sound for your vocals, drums, the bass range and all other instruments like sythies or organic instruments.

Electronic Music Mastering, Mixing - BETTER SOUND IS mY pROMISE - online mastering studios
Boosting and cutting frequencies when mastering your music is a specialized mixing, mastering service, for everything in between electro, house & techno Music 


Based in Berlin a city with a significant impact on electronic dance music. I specialize in providing top-notch audio quality to electronic Music artists. My equipment and experience allow me, to offer you an outstanding warm and analog sound at affordable rates.


I'm focused and passionate about electronic dance music and the club scene for many years now. If you want to get the best out of your music productions, let me help to solve the problematic parts of your Song You always wonder how you can get the professional Mixing, Mastering sound by your favorite producers?


After years of trying to Mix and Master your tracks, you still surrender by reaching the final target? Let me do the work to get the essential refinement, by increasing the quality of your music. If you don't know how to master a song, before releasing you music with one of the best music aggregators. I can help you reach a rich sounding result and save you a lot of time.


Mixing and Mastering TECHNO, DEEP, TECH, HOUSE & TRANCE Music

I'm experienced with producing, mixing and mastering all these styles of electronic club music for several years. 

So i can create the most pleasant and fabulous results with the following music styles. To name a few, these are the types of music I prefer to work with


Genres Music Mastering:

  • Techno, House, Tech-house, Downtempo, Deep house, Electronica, Indie Dance, Leftfield, Nu-Disco, Trance or Minimal, Electro 
  • Besides, i supply all genres of hip-hop music & rap, trap, boom bap, ghetto house, breakbeat, instrumental hip-hop/beat productions and many more.
  • Feel free to send me other styles of Music to get your Job done




Reviews For

What do clients say about my service, after receiving their audio files? 

  • Marcus was very communicative, quick to work on this project, and committed to meeting what I was looking for in the master. Would recommend. Thanks! (Georgia)
  • Wow thank you very much! Corresponds exactly to my mastering ideas. The timbre and The result is top. I am 100% satisfied. (Ayoda)
  • Great collaboration! Perfect work and excellent communication. Most importantly: Marcus was able to listen to my feedback carefully and then knew exactly what he had to do to make it work! Looking forward to the next job together! (Joschka L. ) 
  • Marcus was patient with my demands and delivered a very nice analog Master. Great attitude and easy to work with. Would recommend. (Firat Ö. ) 
  • Sounds great!! Thank you so much for all your help (Kash, Ireland)
  • Great! I really like it! More coming your way sooner or later. (Kamil)
  • Thank you for your great job, I really like the fact that every instrument sounds clear and take a lot of space. (Geoffrey)  
Our Artist comes from:
Our Artist comes from:
mastering and mixing speaker

what does mastering a song do?

WE SOLVE YOUR MIXING PROBLEMS ! How I master a song to deliver a masterstroke from your electronic music production:

Best audio mastering studio
Sound Improvement for the artist who wants to afford quality
  • When you use our mastering service we optimize the punch and power of your music production by thicken the mid-range, tighten and round out the lows and bring some sparkle and richness to the high frequencies
  • Fine-tune the dynamics of your Song, produce top-notch and up-to-date loudness levels to maintain a well-balanced mix and get the sound like your favorite electronic music producer
  • Reach competitive loudness levels for your music productions on any streaming or download platform like Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Beatport (we use PSR and LUFS measurement)
  • Adjusting the groove of your song is another crucial point when I work in my mastering studio, such as the bass and the rhythmic elements. Small intervention have a essential impact to stand out
  • Taming the problematic frequencies in your Tracks, reduce harshness by mid / side EQing and De-essing to sound more natural and pleasant
  • Have a tight and punchy Sound on a huge Club sound system like Function One, Martin Audio, Kirsch Audio or Void Acoustics - optimized for live and DJ surroundings
  • Get the warm, detailed Analog Tape Sound and Tube and a nostalgic vibe of classic electronic music recordings. One of the most critical operations to sound like a pro and not as a rookie bedroom producer
  • When mastering your song we improve color and character through Vintage Console Sound, to add extra harmonics and bring shine to your mix to sound clean but stirring
  • Fix phasing problems and get your tracks mono compatible. So frequencies do not accidentally extinguish. This could happen if your music production is not optimized for different speakers and media players.
  • Audiophile 3-Dimensional acoustics. Increase depth, generate natural-sounding stereo width to don't sound cheap and static
  • After transforming your good mix into detailed electronic music production, I export your Tracks to all file formats you need like .wav, FLAC, ogg or mp3 (*no additional cost)
  • Unlimited Mixing and Mastering revisions included. You ask you will be helped! Music productions tips included reaching your target sound of your favorite artist.
  • When we've finished the mastering process and optimized your music: As a result, your chances of having your songs chosen by music labels will increase, and you'll be more likely to be booked for DJ gigs. Because of better sound quality


Improve your Sound. We bring out clarity to your muddy mix 

What LUFS To Master to?

Mastering Speaker - Mastering VST Plugins
LUFS a loudness level standard for streaming services and mastering

Get your electronic music production with perfect sound on a club sound system and get a LUFS optimized Mastering for download and streaming on Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Beatport, Apple Music and more.


How to master a song with perfect loudness levels for streaming? There a some different audio loudness Standards by all big streaming services.

Many of thems have a loudness normalization target between -13 and -16 LUFS. If your uploaded music is louder, they will turn down the volume to match their target level. Extremely louder Masters don't create a better playback experience while streaming. Every song will be streamed with almost the same loudness level.  


Let's stop the loudness war and improve your Music. When mastering your songs, have a focus on sound quality. Less is more! Less loudness but more transparency, dynamics, depth, width, and clear transients. If you want to push your Music to the next level, try to find the right balance between loud mastering and dynamic music mastering.


My preferred LUFS loudness targets for Electronic Music and Hiphop are usually between -9 LUFS and -12LUFS. You also can check the LUFS short term measuring and set your target between -8 LUFS and -10LUFS.


What is LUFS?

LUFS is a loudness normalization based on average loudness. Due to the Loudness War, music productions became more and more compressed and therefore less dynamic. LUFS normalizations or other methods are now used by many major music streaming providers such as Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music. Very loud mastered songs sound quieter on streaming platforms and somewhat flat. Aggressive limiting tends to be detrimental and superfluous to the mastering process. As with mastering for vinyl, this now places greater emphasis on transparency and dynamics.

Spotify Loudness, Apple Music and Youtube LUFS

Here is my overview of streaming shops LUFS loudness targets (LUFS = Loudness Units relative to Full Scale)

Mastering Audio for Youtube - LUFS
Youtube LUFS - They use -13 LUFS as a loudness target
Audio Mastering optimized for Spotify
Spotify's loudness streaming target is -14 LUFS
Mastering optimized for Soundcloud Streaming
Soundcloud has no specific LUFS target
Electronic Music mastering for Bandcamp
Mastering for Bandcamp They don't have a loudness target
Techno Mastering for Beatport and DJ's
On Beatport many Songs are mastered around -8 and -10 LUFS
Techno Mastering Service for Itunes & Apple Music
Apple Music / Itunes Radio use a -16LUFS target


Streaming Service LUFS Loudness Level normalization
Spotify 14 LUFS
Youtube Music 13 LUFS
Apple Music 16 LUFS
Tidal 14 LUFS
Pandora -
Bandcamp -
Soundcloud -
Deezer -
Napster -

LUFS Meter - Free VST Plugins:

There some free VST Metering Plugins and Apps to measure LUFS, RMS and True Peaks, you can download them here. Add them as a effect Plugin to your DAW and visualize true loudness of your music and compare with other reference songs.



Why is loudness normalization used?

Audio files are sent to streaming providers by various distributors. Since the delivered music was mastered to different volume levels, Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube Music want to guarantee the best listening experience when playing the songs. You can imagine if you had to manually change the volume of each song while listening to playlists, it would be very annoying. That's why the loudness normalization comes into play, so that all heard songs are felt the same way.



The Mastering Chain: What to use Mastering a Song?

What we use in our mastering chain and how to master a song to get the perfect sound? Here are some steps how to reach a quality audio Mastering. How I improve music and what techniques I use for my mastering chain always depends on the delivered audio material.


Surgical EQs

  • Pristine and precise frequency editing
  • Using a linear phase EQ with high transparency and zero phase issues
  • Fix problematic resonance frequencies to help positively impact on the mix
  • Remove rumble out of low frequencies and tighten up the bass

Coloring Mastering EQs

  • The analog tape machine rings analog warmth to digital recordings
  • Adds harmonic distortion and color to your tracks
  • Used for many of the greatest masterpieces in electronic music
  • Subtly analog vibe enhancement 
  • Brings out transients and smooth the sound in a natural way


  • Vocal De-Esser
  • Exciter & Spectral shaping techniques
  • Multiband Compressor
  • Utilizing M/S tech
  • Classic Console sound
  • Stereo Imaging / fix phase issues / Mono compatible stereo widening
  • Mastering Limiter / Maximizer
  • Loudness Metering for PLR, RMS, LUFS targets


  • High-end compressors that sweetens and glues your mix together
  • Improve your mixes by thickening and coloring your song
  • Using great sounding tube compressors
  • Tame problematic parts and smooth out peaks of a song
  • Dynamic parallel compression brings your mix to an entirely new level
  • Widening your music and brings out detail with character

Tape Machines, Tube and saturation

  • Tonal Balance: adjust the overall frequency spectrum between bass, mids, and highs
  • Coloring the signal and bring shiny air to the top end
  • Adding rich low-end and constructing a defined bass and kick
  • Tweak all used instruments to discern clearly
  • Decide and act if a mix is muddy, boomy or thin or toppy

How can I order your Services?

1. Get your techno Song mixed, mastered or repaired is very easy! You can order the HQ Mastering or Pro Stem Mastering by using our Online Shop and sending and upload your Audio Files to our Mastering Engineer, just read the description and send me your mixed song. As soon as possible we start to optimize your music!


2. You can find my Mastering, Mixing and Audio Restoration offers on as well, this website is excellent for selling creative work trustfully. You pay after you are delighted! If you think it's more comfortable for you, click the link to see the deals.  


Mastering Engineer & Mixdown service: Hire me on Soundbetter to improve your Sound!
Mastering Engineer & Mixdown service: Hire me on Soundbetter to improve your Sound!

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