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Techno Mastering Service & Mixing Electronic Music


State of the Arts Audio for musicians to which excellent Sound is fundamental. Your electronic music mastering and mixing Studio for an energetic and vibrant sound.


Have you had some old treasures lying on your hard drive for years? Now it's time - finally, finish your music productions and release them afterward.


Bring your songs to life. Get a positively affected Sound to help you turn your listeners into raving fans. Tight, warm basslines and powerful kicks are what you can expect here. Whether for your digital release on Spotify, Apple Music, and Beatport or a release on vinyl.


Electronic Music / Techno Mixing and Mastering - since 2016 - founded in Berlin, Germany.




Specialzed in Mixing Mastering Electronic Music

* Techno Mastering and Mixing House Music, Hard Techno,Tech House, Acid, Trance, Dub Techno, Ambient Dub, Downtempo, Deep House, Progressive House, Bass House, Melodic House, Industrial, EBM, Minimal Techno, Breakbeat, Jungle, Dub Step, Garage, Italo Disco, Nu-Disco, Electronica, Electro, EDM, Pop, Beats, Hip Hop, Rap, Trap



Get rid of your sound problems

Marcus - Mixing & Mastering Engineer
Marcus - Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Are you a talented producer? But your techno mastering or hip-hop mixing lacks punch and power? Do you need clarity and loudness compared to other songs on Spotify or Soundcloud?


I can understand that; I felt the same when I started producing music in 2004. The many possibilities in a DAW like Ableton or FL Studio were overwhelming. 


Especially the mixing of kick and bass has been a headache for every producer. Also, bringing the vital stereo width and 3D-Sound into a track can be challenging.


I'm happy to support you in making your songs club-ready and powerful. In the future, dull and undefined sounds belong to the past. I can help you get the last missing percentages out of your mix. 


Leave the decisions to a pro and rely on my trained ears when mixing and mastering edm songs. I use the best tools to enhance your audio quality and make your songs sound huge and punchy.


Treat yourself to a massive analog Sound experience for your music production. Make your next EP or album production sound extraordinary.


I'm here to help if you have terrible room acoustics and limited studio monitors. Here your tracks get impressive bass and airy high frequencies. 


Get that Pro-Sound your favorite producers already have because the stunning sound quality is all that matters. 


Stand out from the crowd to succeed as a producer - because no one likes to listen to music with poorly mixed tracks.




mixing and mastering electronic music

+1000 completed projects - What Customers saY.

best audio mastering berlin mixing

Sean [USA]

This Techno Mastering is fantastic - just what I was looking for. Thanks very much. I am pretty impressed, and I will be back with more music soon.

Sven [Germany]

Top electronic music mastering thank you very much! Corresponds exactly to my mastering ideas. The timbre and The result is top. I am 100% satisfied.

Bianca [Switzerland]

Very nice Work and I'm very happy with my house music mastering. You get the details out there and it sounds very good in the club 

Stephen [Canada]

Looking forward to working with you again - you mixed my electronic music song' last year which helped get me signed to Mystery Freedom Records.

dance music mastering - house music master

Why Mix and Master your Songs?

▶ Excellent audio quality: Optimize the punch and power of your tunes and get massive sound with a healthy dynamic range. Stand out with bombshell low-end and rich high frequencies, adjusted with the finest EQs.


▶ High-quality Sound through mastering and Mixing creates an outstanding warm listening experience. Whether on streaming services or vinyl. Making your music sound better ensures more listeners and recommendations.


▶ It also Secures a successful music distribution. Mixing empowers your songs for more playlist placements and successful submissions to labels. In the end, it simplifies your Music production process and supports you in saving time. 


▶  Do you want a better Audio experience with competitive loudness levels? Audio Mastering and Mixing is an investment in your Music quality, career, and future. Get that next-level Sound you always wanted. 



Audio Mastering vs. Stem Mastering

Have you ever decided to have your song mastered and were not 100% satisfied with the result? Often a regular audio mastering is not the best solution to achieve the best Sound.


With stem mastering, you can send up to 6 grouped tracks of your song. Mastering Stems ensure that the kick, bass, synth, drums, and vocal elements are perfectly balanced.


Stem Mastering will solve your problems that may occur during the mixing process. The kick and bass are often not well balanced when mixing, and the Sound sounds muddy after mastering.


Stem mastering offers you many possibilities and is not so price-intense. Let me convince you and get a huge sounding final master.

EDM Mixing and Mastering samples

 Or listen to more House Music and Techno Mastering Samples on: Spotify or Soundcloud 

mixing and mastering electronic music

Compared to A.I. Music Mastering Services, I offer a personal mix evaluation to help you discover how your songs can sound even better.


To me, having satisfied musicians and delivering excellent service is essential. You will get my full support in creating an incredible sound for your upcoming digital or vinyl release. 


I provide top-notch audio to musicians and producers to give your songs that big and warm sound. I aim to enhance your music with the highest-grade audio tools, with over 15 years of experience working with digital audio and studying sound design.


I have been focused on and passionate about electronic dance music like techno, house music, minimal techno, tech house, deep house, dubstep, and hip hop for years.

In the past, I worked in the Berlin techno club Griessmühle, where I could experience techno and House music artists' vibrating sound and get inspired for my work.


Today I work full-time as an electronic music Mixing And Mastering Engineer for local artists and international acts. I regularly update my skills and technical equipment to provide my customers with excellent sound.


Get help solving mixing and mastering problems arising during the audio production process. Feel free to contact me to achieve the best possible outcome for your music.




How To Order ?

Important information for my dance music mixing and mastering process. 

  1. Save your tracks as a lossless 24-bit or 32-bit .wav stereo file and upload it to Wetransfer or Google Drive.
  2. Select your preferred service and complete the ordering process by clicking on "Buy now and Improve my Audio".
  3. During the ordering process, add your link to the audio file and add one of your favorite reference tracks so I know what sound you want to target.
  4. I will check your song for possible mistakes and offer advice if necessary. Then I will start the audio optimization. After 3 to 7 working days, you will get back the mixed / mastered track. Don't worry; with my services, you have unlimited revisions. I work on your song until you're satisfied.

Okay, not as tricky as you would have thought, right? Are you ready to start?


Start making the most of your potential as an artist. Be creative; take your time and stay focused. Be confident and enthusiastic while producing to achieve the best results!


Electronic music mixing and mastering services for your tracks.

Get noticed with your next single, EP, or album release.

Inspire your listeners with powerful kicks and warm, groovy bass lines!
 - Your electronic music Mixing and Mastering Services

Music Mastering

Online Music Mastering House Music and Techno

Electronic Music Mastering Services: Your sound problems belong to the past! 


 Dance Music Mastering, get that pro sound and let some fresh ears tweak your productions.

✔ Club, streaming and download shop optimized for Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.

✔ Adds punch, optimize Track details and Stereo width

✔ Get a warm analog sound to you final mix. 

✔ Balanced and dynamic results, with a great sound on small speakers and club sound systems.

 Production consulting: ask me everything about producing

Mastering Session with unlimited revisions

Spotify and Soundcloud playlist promotion

Pro Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering Services for dance music

Stem Mastering: Dance Music Master with precision& processing of individual instrument tracks

Price:  67,99 €  for 1 Song



 ✔ More detailed: In-depth editing for your instrument groups.

✔ The best solution if you need perfect mixing results for your songs.

✔ Send up to 6 stems/musical elements for stem mastering, like Drums, Bass, Synth, Vocals, and FX.

✔ Every stem will be edited individually to get the most out of your music.

✔ Also, everything you see in the HQ Mastering Service description is included.

✔ Producer consulting; ask me everything about making music.

✔ Spotify and Soundcloud playlist promotion.


Mixing & mastering

online mixing and mastering services

Electronic Music Mixing and Mastering Services: Optimization for every part of your track.



 ✔ Get a balanced, powerful bass and big, heavy drums.

✔ Add punch and optimize your muddy-sounding bass range.

✔ Clean up your vocal recordings—make your voice more rich and professional.

✔ Your instrument tracks, like synth, piano, pads, etc., are processed individually so that every part of your mix sounds fat.

✔ Give your song the right amount of compression and saturation for a better sound experience.

✔ Get a 3-dimensional Stereo Image.

✔ Mastering service worth 35 € included


Why Invest in your Music?

Paying Streaming Music Streaming Subscribers in Million - Worldwide
Music Streaming Subscriber | Business of Apps

After many years of stagnation, musicians’ income is finally rising again.


I believe the future for up-and-coming musicians, who constantly release songs, looks better than in the last decade. With streaming providers like Spotify and Apple Music, the music business seems very promising, even if the payment for artists should still be significantly higher.



get your electronic music mastering

Streaming optimized online mastering

Streaming Optimized

Mastering Loudness Levels

Loud & Clear Sound - push your levels while retaining dynamics 

Mastering with Paypal payment

Online Mastering with Paypal Buyer Protection

Audio mix and master with unlimited revisions

Unlimited Revisions