Re-Mastered: Audio Remastering for enhancing the Quality

What is Remastering for Audio?

Remastering Audio for Tape Recordings
Vinyl Recordings Re-Mastered
Remastered Music - Audio Remastering for CD (Compact Disc)

1. What does remastered mean?

Audio Remastering (also Music Re-Mastered, digitally remastered and digital remastering) is about cleaning up poor quality audio and improving the existing character of a Song or Album by processing a new Mastering chain.


2. Fine tune the Material: If a previously created Song is remastered the sound quality, loudness and dynamic range will be enhanced by editing with a Compressor, Multiband Compressor or Limiter. To Rearrange and correct the frequency spectrum, a Dynamic Equalizer or Mastering EQ is used to optimize the low-end of a track and bring shine to the transients in the highs. By doing Pan Correction the Stereo Image of a Track get's increased to sound wider and more clear.


3. Restauration: A part of Audio Remastering is Audio Restauration, in this step the Audio File get's edited by doing Noise reduction, Click and Pop removal and erase short Drop Outs.


4. Sound Recording Medium for remastered Music: The Remastered Version of a Song can be made out of a Vinyl, Tape or CD, by transferring the record to a audio computer.