Music Remastering Service - Audio Remastered

Remastering Music and restoration service - Old audio Re-Mastered by enhancing the quality

Remastering Audio

You have clicks, crackles, background noise, hiss or hum in old audio recordings? I Remaster your old Audio Files recorded from Vinyl, CD or Tape and edit the frequency spectrum, optimize dynamics and loudness levels, to bring your Audio to the next level.  


We use top notch Mastering techniques and improve your audio quality for new loudness target standards optimized for CD, Streaming or Download shops.




(about €39,00EUR / £34,50 GBP / $45,00 USD per Song)


  • Limited availability with your discount
  • Receive your optimized audio within 1-3 days

remastered vs original

Listen to some Remastered Songs in comparison to to the Original

What does remastered mean?

1. Audio Remastering (also Music Re-Mastered, digitally remastered and digital remastering) is about restoration and cleaning up poor quality audio and improving the existing character of a Song or Album by processing a new Mastering chain.


2. Fine tune the Material: If a previously created Song is remastered the sound quality, loudness and dynamic range will be enhanced by editing with a Compressor, Multiband Compressor or Limiter. To Rearrange and correct the frequency spectrum, a Dynamic Equalizer or Mastering EQ is used to optimize the low-end of a track and bring shine to the transients in the highs. By doing Pan Correction the Stereo Image of a Track get's increased to sound wider and more clear.


3. Restoration: A part of the remastering process is Audio restoration, in this step the Audio File get's edited by doing Noise reduction, Click and Pop removal and erase short Drop Outs.


4. Sound Recording Medium for remastered Music: The Remastered Version of a Song can be made out of a Vinyl, Tape or CD, by transferring the record to a audio computer.

Remastering Audio for Tape Recordings

Remaster vs. Remake

- A remaster is the optimization of an existing original Song, by tuning the Audio quality by new Audio Mastering techniques.  

-A Remake is something completely different. It's a new composition of an original Song, by adding new Instruments and drums or recording new vocals by another singer.

Remastered Music - Audio Remastering for CD (Compact Disc)

How to transfer lossless audio from a CD ?

It's not possible to transfer a .cda file (the file you see if you open a audio CD on a computer or laptop) from a CD just with a mouse click.


You have to download a software like Exact Audio (EAC), a so called audio grabber. After the installation its possible to rip data from your audio cds and transfer the sound files uncompressed as a .wav file. You don't have to pay for the program, its free to download!

Vinyl Recordings Re-Mastered

How to convert Vinyl to a digital format ?

  1. First, you need an excellent record player and clean vinyls to digitize the audio files. Nowadays in the turntables mostly good Quality preamps are already installed.
  2. Using the cinch cable and jack, you can use an audio input from your computer to access the digital audio material.
  3. Instead of your rather poor standard build in sound card, you should use a professional audio interface to record the vinyl. These sound playback and recording interfaces are one of the most important tools of professional musicians.
  4. However, other record players have even installed USB interfaces for direct recording of the music. These can then be converted directly into various audio formats such as mpr3 waf aiff or flac
  5. Do you prefer the first variant to record over turntables and cables you still need software to control the sound recording or editing. If you are a music producer yourself you can use almost any daw like Cubase, Protools, Logic, FL Studio, Reaper, Ableton and many more. There are also programs that specialize in vinyl recording such as Pure Vinyl and Vinyl Studio. The cheapest option would be to use good old Audacity.
  6. After the recording process the individual songs have to be separated and converted into a lossless format like aiff, wav or flac. *** don't convert your audio to mp3s, because you lose sound quality. 
  7. If you are not satisfied with the digitized recording? Then comes into play. Did you have problems with, scratch, rush, crackle, noise, buzz? We can help you optimize your recorded songs so that the sound quality continues to increase. We can make the best out of terrible acoustical errors and save your vinyl recording!