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Experience premium sound quality for your music. Discover the EDM mastering service that gives your music the boost it needs to compete with the best in electronic music.

Transform your electronic music mastering to premium sound quality while adding power, punch, and clarity.
HQ Audio Mastering


What You Get

  • Optimized Master for Club sound systems
  • Personalized support, artistic input and feedback.
  • Perfect Loudness Standards
  • Optimized for Streaming & Download
  • Dynamic & Balanced Sound
  • Specialized in Electronic Music & Hip Hop
  • Free Mix Check included

Choose Your Mastering Package

Select HQ Mastering to easily master your single or EP. For ambitious music producers, I recommend the Mastering Subscription. Get 1 song mastered monthly, receive helpful feedback, and stay motivated to release new music regularly. You'll save 33% and can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

HQ Audio Mastering
Single & Album Mastering
Audio Mastering for a Single, EP or album.
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Receive a high-resolution WAV file and an MP3, ready for streaming or downloading
  • 1 Month access to my "Learn Music Production Mixing Mastering" class
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Join over 1k+ happy artists who have used my online mastering service to make their music stand out.

Low Risk

Enjoy the unlimited revisions policy. If you are not happy with the result, I will work on it until you are.

1-3 days

Get your mastered track delivered to your inbox in 1-3 days. No long waiting, no hassle, no stress.

Basic Mastering Subscription
/per month
1 Master every 2 Month
1 Mastering every 2 months for €37.90 per song
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Receive a high-resolution WAV file and an MP3, ready for streaming or downloading
  • Get access to my "Learn Music Production Mixing Mastering" class
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edm mastering Service
Proven Sound Quality

Are you tired of spending hours mastering your songs only to end up with a flat, muddy sound? Get help here to make your song stand up to commercial releases! With my online mastering service, specializing in electronic music, your tracks will get the punchy, powerful sound you've always wanted.

Premium sound quality that impresses

I pride myself on delivering premium sound quality and keeping up with the latest trends in your EDM genre. When you choose, you get dynamic and balanced mastering that meets perfect loudness standards. Whether it's for club sound systems or streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music, I take responsibility for putting the finishing touches on your song.

Perfecting your mix

Before mastering, I offer a free mix check and consultation to ensure your song is ready for mastering. I will check the quality of your mix and examine your song for potential problems.

Unlimited editing for your satisfaction

Once you receive the first mastered version, we'll work on your project until we're both happy. Thanks to my years of experience with music, this is usually the case immediately or after 1 or 2 revisions at the latest.

Fast and reliable

With my online mastering service, you will receive your mastering within 1-3 business days - no stress, no waiting.

Providing Awesome Sound For Your EDM Tracks

I am passionate about helping musicians achieve the best possible sound for their music productions.

Be ready to improve the quality of your songs. Book electronic music mastering today.

If you have any questions, please look at the FAQs below or contact me today.

Let's start your journey together now - for an unforgettable audio experience!

Customer Opinion

This Techno Master is fantastic - just what I was looking for. Thanks very much. I am pretty impressed, and I will be back with more music soon.

Sean [USA]
Techno Producer
Customer Opinion

Looking forward to working with you again - you mixed my electronic music song' last year which helped get me signed to Mystery Freedom Records.

Customer Opinion

This is exactly what I wanted !!! It's brilliant and I even got goosebumps listening to it. Everything comes out beautifully !!! I would use your services again for sure!!! Thanks a lot

Nils Andreas
Melodic House Producer

Mastering Engineer for

"Worried that poor sound quality will prevent people from taking your music seriously?"

Why Master Your Songs with

Mastering is the final step in the production of your music. This is where your track is polished and refined to give it the professional finish it needs for distribution.

Your sound, well optimized:

Mastering electronic music involves adjusting the track's level, frequencies, dynamics, and stereo image. This gives the sound more clarity, warmth, depth, and volume. The result is that the music simply sounds better and is more impactful.

Mastering made easy:

Tired ears? Mastering an EDM track can be time-consuming, difficult, and frustrating if you listened to your song for ours. For this reason, many musicians and producers have turned to online mastering services like Emastered or Landr.

But AI Mastering can ruin the sound or make it even worse than before. Others charge exorbitant prices for inferior services or don't allow free rework of the mastered songs.

The solution:

Trust an experienced human ear: Discover my EDM mastering studio for refined analog sound!

Here, you get the best possible sound:

Personalized attention: An experienced EDM mastering engineer will take care of your track personally.

Premium convenience & price: Enjoy the convenience of an online service at an affordable price.

I don't just want to master your songs.

I want to work with you to perfect your sound and expand your knowledge.

Your partner in perfect mastering: is more than an online mastering service. Get personalized service tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

mastering edm music Audio Samples

Listen to my mastered house and techno tracks on Spotify or compare before and after audio samples to experience the impact of mastering.

Online Song Mastering

Frequently asked questions

If you need help adding clarity and depth to your tracks, choose EDM Mixing and Mastering or Stem Mastering.

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