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Getting their music out to a broader audience can be challenging for independent artists and smaller labels. However, music distribution for labels can help labels distribute their music without breaking the bank.

Have you ever had that burning desire to create your independent label and unleash incredible music upon the world? Well, my friends, let me tell you, it's a thrilling journey that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities! And if you're into electronic music like me, having your tracks hit more than just the usual streaming platforms is key. We're talking about DJ platforms, like Beatport and Juno, where the real groove seekers reside! After all, music downloads make up 1/3 of my label income, so it's worth it.

Now, you might be wondering, what's the deal with starting your own label? Is it as complicated as building a spaceship or taming a wild lion? Fear not, it's much simpler than that! To begin this exciting journey, you will require a Tax ID, an impressive label logo, and a roster of talented artists you have faith in (or simply your own music 😉 ).

Now, when it comes to choosing a music distribution company that also offers label services, you've got many options at your disposal. Personally, I've been using the independent music distribution service provided by "Fortyfymusic," and it's been a fantastic experience so far. They have all the tools and support you need to get your label off the ground. There are costs involved, but don't worry, I can explain it to you more clearly.

In most cases, distributors take a percentage of your earnings, usually around 20% to 30%. But there are alternative options too, where you pay a fixed amount annually. It all depends on what works best for you. Speaking from my own experience, starting my own label has undoubtedly been worth it. The sense of control, the creative freedom have been incredibly fulfilling. So, perhaps, starting your own label could be the right path for you too.

music distribution for independent labels

Independent Music distribution is getting your music onto streaming platforms, online stores, and physical stores. A music distributor is a company that helps you get your music onto these platforms and handles the logistics of distribution.

Determining your distribution needs is the first step in finding the best music distributor. Do you want to distribute your music on streaming platforms and download shops only, or do you want to sell physical copies like Vinyl, CD's or tape as well? Do you need help with marketing and promotion? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your search for a distributor.

Once you know your distribution needs, start researching distributors. Look for distributors specializing in your music genre, have a good reputation in the industry, and offer the services you need. You can also ask other record label owners for recommendations.


Are you a music producer with big dreams of releasing your own tracks or managing a label to make it to the Top 100 charts? If so, it's wise to seek out music distribution for labels that specializes in this niche to distribute your music. These distributors can provide access to popular download shops like Beatport, Juno, DJ Tunes, Whatpeopleplay, Trackitdown, or Traxsource, which are market leaders in the electronic music industry. These shops cater to a wide range of electronic music lovers and DJs across various sub-genres such as techno, house, tech house, minimal electronica, disco, downtempo, deep house, bass house, and more.


Review their distribution deals when you find a distributor that meets your needs and requirements. Look for deals that offer fair revenue splits and don't lock you into a long-term contract. You should also review the distributor's terms and conditions to ensure they align with your business goals.


Before signing a distribution deal, test the distributor with a single release. This will give you an idea of how the distributor works and whether they are a good fit for your record label. If the test release goes well, consider signing a long-term deal.


Monitoring the distributor's performance is essential once you have signed a distribution deal. Keep track of your music's sales and streams, and ensure you receive the revenue you owe. If you are unhappy with the distributor's performance, you may need to reconsider your partnership.


Building a relationship with your music distributor is essential for long-term success. Communicate regularly with your distributor and provide them with any updates or changes to your music. Building a good relationship can also lead to better opportunities for your record label.

Top Record Label Distributors

Below is a curated list of label music distribution services - These trusted providers have helped countless labels find their footing in the industry:

  • Fortyfymusic

  • Labelworx

  • Label Engine

  • Absolute Label Services

  • DigDis

  • Stem Music

  • Triple Vision

  • Horus Music

  • Dancephonic

  • Ampsuite Distribution

  • Symphonic Distribution

  • Fuga

  • Roba

  • LabelGrid


If you need help with Mastering Techno or Mixing House Music, please check these links.


Fortyfymusic Distribution is a label music distribution service that allows artists to share their music with the world. 

One of the best things about Fortyfymusic Distribution is that they care for everything for you. From detailed analytics filtered by artist, countries, shops, labels, and tracks to DSP/retail feature placement consulting, strategic marketing, and release schedule, they ensure your music gets the attention it deserves. 

In addition to music distribution, Fortyfymusic offers label management services, including product validation, mapping and link troubleshooting, and Beatport special formats (STEM & Sounds). 

Fortyfymusic Distribution also offers vinyl label production services. They care for everything, from pre-mastering to the final product so that you can focus on your creative work. They also provide personal support and a technical platform to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Fortyfymusic Distribution takes 20% of your revenue, but you have no annual costs. However, Fortyfymusic's team has worked on some critical improvements to optimize your label's daily business and chances of success. This includes getting the best possible placement and exposure for your releases in the market.


As an indie electronic music label, you know how important it is to get your music out there and heard by the masses. The internet has made it easier than ever to distribute your music. Still, with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right partner. That's where Labelworx comes in.

With 15 years of experience in the industry, Labelworx is the world's largest independent digital distribution partner for indie electronic music labels. They offer a variety of distribution deals to fit your needs, from exclusive to non-exclusive deals, with commission rates as low as 5% for big players or a 20% commission rate for smaller labels.

Labelworx also offers playlist promotion and marketing services. Their team can help you develop effective promotion strategies and pitch your music to DSPs, playlist curators, and tastemakers so that your fans worldwide hear your music. 

In addition to distribution, Labelworx provides in-depth financial reporting, accounting, and optional in-house compilation usage to help rework your back catalogue. They also offer free ISRC & EAN codes and Beatport + other store approval help, making it easy to distribute your music quickly and easily.


Label Engine is an all-in-one music distribution and label service that helps you distribute your music to over 100 partner stores worldwide with no upfront fees. With Label Engine, you get to keep 82.5% of the distribution revenue, as they take 17.5% as commission.

Label Engine offers free access to accounting, demo management, and promotional label services. With their royalty accounting system, you can process statements and pay your artists in seconds, making the process fast, easy and hassle-free. Their promotional tools are easy to use and get your tracks in front of the people who matter most. At the same time, their demo management system helps you find the next big thing by keeping all your artists' demos in one place.

Hello! My name is Marcus, and I am a music enthusiast who runs a mixing and mastering business. I also write enlightening articles for my blog and produce music as a member of the techno duo Agravik.
Mixing & Mastering -
The #1 Reason Why Record Labels Reject Talented Musicians: Bad Sound Quality

HQ Mastering

Stereo Music Mastering: Give your music production punch and power
  • Save time and money
    & Get a warm analogue sound for your final mix.
  • Optimized for Streaming and Download Shops
  • Adds punch, optimises track detail and enhances stereo width.
  • Balanced and Dynamic Results: Great sound on small speakers and club sound systems
  • Prepare your song for distribution and get valuable feedback

Stem Mastering

Online Stem Mastering is a Advanced mastering with editing of 6 group tracks
  • More detailed, in-depth Mastering
  • Each stem is individually edited to get the maximum out of your music.
  • The best solution for perfecting your mixing results
  • Send up to 6 stems/musical elements for stem mastering, such as drums, bass, synth, vocals and FX.
  • Everything described in the HQ Mastering Service is included.

Pro Mix & Mastering

Mixing and Mastering: Detailed optimization for every part of your song
  • Balanced and Powerful Mix
  • Optimize Kick & Bass: Heavy Drums for Maximum Impact!
  • Professional Vocal Mixing for Rich and Clear Sound.
  • Depth, 3D sound with individual instrument processing
  • Compression, Warmth, and Saturation for a Better Sound Experience
  • Free HQ Mastering Service Included: Turn Your Song into a Record!
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