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About Us

Mixing and Mastering Engineer Berlin Neukölln


Hey its Marcus and I run - Your Mastering Studio from Berlin-Neukölln for electronic music

Born in in the end of the 80s and grow up in the east part of Germany I always had a big passion for listening Music and analyzing the beats and arrangements by my favorite artists. So I started to produce Hip Hop and Electronic Music, learned to mix and master in the past 15 years.I also studied Sounddesign in Berlin, with the focus on composing Film Music, do Sounddesign for Companies and Mixing and Mastering.


I offer and implement High-Quality Audio Mastering and Music Mixing services to talented artists. To get the best results and out of fervor I focus on electronic Music and exclude other Genres. 


My Audio equipment and experience allow me to provide musicians impressive, warm and crisp analog sounding audio mastering at fair rates. I optimize the frequencies, enhance the loudness and increase the brilliance of a song. As the end result, the track has adequate dynamics and is optimized for Streaming and Club surroundings. operates out of Neukölln, in my Berlin Mastering Studio I work directly with local Artists and Producers or Worldwide throug Websites like Soundbetter or Fiver.


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My graduated courses in the past:

Computer and Network Technology / Recording Studio Introduction / History Audio Technology and Media Formats / Fundamentals of Acoustics / Hearing Aid and Psychology / Room Acoustics / Music History / Music and Harmony / Instrumentology / Composition and Arrangement / Audio Levels, Control Instruments, Broadcast Standards, Techn , Guidelines / Sound Mixing / Music Production / Surround / Mastering / Sound Dramaturgy and Sound Effects / Film Sound Concepts and Film Analysis / Film Post Production / Film Score, Orchestration / Film Editing and Mixing / Sound Design Trailer, Jingle and Advertising / Sound Design Animation, Comic and Games / Digital Audio Editing / Audio Editing in Detail, EQ, Dynamics, Reverb and Other Effects / MIDI, Controllers and Editing / Samplers, Synths, Virtual Instruments / Sound Synthesis / Acoustic Corporate Identity and Industrial Audio Design / Sound Branding Strategy and Design / Steinberg Cubase / Avid Audio Pro Tools / Reaper / FL Studio /  Analogue Audio- and Studio Equipment / Event Equipment / ENG, Foley, Film- and Field-Recording / DAW- Function and configuration / Digital audio and studio equipment / Microphone technology and stereophonic techniques / Microphone and recording practice