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29,95 €/ Month
Mastering Subscription for the ambitious music producer. Receive 1 monthly audio mastering at a highly discounted rate(Original price is 45€). Boost your career and release your music regularly, to push your music career forward.

This offer is limited, so hurry up and secure your spot. Use your mastering Credits at any time and cancel the subscription whenever you want.
5 Slots Available

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✔ Dynamic and Balanced Mastering with perfect Loudness Standards

✔ Optimized Master for Club sound systems and streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music)

✔ Free Mix Check – evaluation and consultation

✔ Receive your Master within 1-3 working days

✔ Unlimited Revisions till you are satisfied

✔ If you don’t use your Mastering credit every month, it won’t expire. You can redeem it later at any time.

This Techno Master is fantastic - exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. I am very impressed and will be back soon with more music.
Music producer

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Do you struggle with making your music sound professional and powerful on Spotify, like your favourite artist?

You have a passion for making music, but you don't have the time, skills, or equipment to master your tracks properly. You feel frustrated and discouraged because you know that your music deserves to be heard with perfect sound. You want to release your music regularly and need a mastering subscription with a human touch.

Get one song release ready every month for only 29,95 €/ Month. You can use your mastering credits anytime and cancel the subscription whenever you want.

With HQ Mastering Subscription, you will experience the highest sound quality that matches the latest trends in your genre, bringing out the true essence of your tracks.

Let your music career skyrocket when you release your music regularly with a perfect and tuned sound. Imagine how your fans will love your music and how you will attract new listeners and opportunities, feeling proud and confident knowing that your music is the best it can be.

Don't miss this chance to boost your sound experience.

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mastering Audio Samples

Listen to my mastered electronic music, house and techno tracks on Spotify or compare before and after audio samples to experience the impact of mastering.

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