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Get your free test mastering now and bring your music to a new level. Here you get a 120 second snippet of your mastered song to check out my service. Decide afterwards if you want to buy the complete version


Dynamic and Balanced Mastering with perfect Loudness Standards for your Song 


  Optimized Master for Club sound systems and streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music) 


  Specialized in Electronic Music Mastering -

Techno, House Music, Tech House, Trance, Minimal, Dubstep, Ambient, Downtempo, Deep-House, Melodic House, Italo Disco, Nu-Disco Electronica, Electro, Breakbeat, EDM,  Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, Lo-Fi Beats and Experimental Music.


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* Important Information: In order to receive your Free Song Mastering, make sure you add a download link to your message, otherwise your request will be ignored. Also, the maximum peaks should be between -6db and -3b to get the best possible sound for your free music mastering.

How to prepare your File


Be sure that you leave some headroom when producing your songs. Set -3 / -6 DB as the target when mixing. Please check that there is no compressor /limiter enabled on the master bus (the sum of your song elements)


Render your Song within your favorite music production software(Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio). When converting your Song as a lossless .wav file, choose 24Bit or 32Bit with 44,1khz or more.


Fill out the contact form below and send me some notes. Also add a download link to your song, for that purpose I recommend using Wetransfer, Filemail, or Google Drive. Please also give me a link to a reference song so I can hear which sound you like.


Pro Tip: One of the most common mistakes in a muddy-sounding mix is too much bass.

Mix your kick in the foreground instead and turn down the bass a bit (or give your bass a low cut).

This way, your audio mastering will end up sounding punchier and more powerful.

Mastering Samples