How to do Free Organic Spotify Promotion for Artists?

Free Spotify Promotion: Playlist Submissions and How to get Spotify Plays

Every day thousands of new songs are released on Spotify, how do you manage to promote your music organically and for free on Spotify? Read these free promotion tips and learn how to get Spotify plays and submit to Spotify Playlists.

  1. Complete your Profile info via Spotify for Artists
  2. Regularly release new Music
  3. Release Singles
  4. Pitch your Music to Official Spotify Playlists, via Spotify for Artists ( latest you should be pitching is 7 days before your release date)
  5. Submit to Spotify Playlists: Search popular playlists and try to contact music curators via Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or email Often the playlist curators use the same name as on Spotify 
  6. Share any Playlists you are featured on, via your Social Media Channels
  7. Build your own Playlists
  8. Asks your Fans to follow you on Spotify, so your Music will show up in their Discover Weekly & Release Radar playlists
  9. Try to Collaborate with Other Musicians or produce remixes to get more Spotify plays
  10. Drive Traffic to your Spotify Tracks via Social Media, Your Website, Reddit, Quora, etc.
  11. Build a E-mail list and send your new Music releases to your Fans
  12. Promote your Music with Spotify Ads
  13. Promote Yor Music with Facebook Ads
  14. Don't buy Spotify plays, and do not take the risk of being banned as an artist


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