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Top Kick Plugins for Electronic Music

Best Kick VST - Drum Machine Plugins for EDM, Techno, Hip Hop

In this blog post, I will share some kick drum plugins that are excellent for electronic music production. However, if you plan to use any of these tools, I advise you to pay attention to the following tips.

As an EDM music producer, there are a few essential elements to consider when creating a kick for techno, electronic music, and house music. Firstly, sub-frequencies are crucial in producing a powerful kick that drives the beat and provides a solid foundation for your track. Experiment with different frequencies to find the best sweet spot for your project.

Secondly, focus on the transient, which is the initial impact or attack of the sound. A sharp transient will give your kick a punchy, driving feel. Utilize transient shaping tools to create an intense, defined attack for your kick. The punchy part of the kick transients is usually between 1000hz and 3000hz.

Thirdly, pay attention to the tail of the kick, which is the sustain or decay of the sound. A long, sustained tail will give your kick a round, full-bodied feel. Experiment with different tail lengths to find the perfect balance between punch and sustain for your project.

Layering different sounds is another critical aspect of creating complex and exciting kicks. Experiment with layering samples, synthesis, field recordings, reverb, or delay to produce unique and dynamic kicks.

EQ is also essential in shaping the frequency content of your kick, and a bit of compression/limiting can control the dynamic range, making your kick sound more powerful.

Distortion and Saturation effects can add character and edge to your kick. Experiment with different distortion types and settings to create a unique and gritty sound for your kick. This technique is often used in producing techno kicks.

Alongside these technical tips, it's crucial to experiment with different kick samples and try other things to develop your own sound. If you are a beginner in music production, a 909 kick is typical in techno productions, and 808 kick sounds can be found in almost every trap production, giving you a starting point.

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Whats the difference? Drummachine vs. Generator vs. sampler vs. Sequencer

There are various types of software instruments available that can mimic the functionalities and sounds of hardware devices.

For instance, a drum machine plug-in is one such instrument that offers a wide range of percussion and drum sounds, along with a sequencer for creating patterns and beats.

Similarly, a sound generator plug-in, also known as a synthesizer plug-in, can generate electronic sounds with the help of different synthesis techniques.

Another type of software instrument, a sampler plug-in, enables you to load and play audio samples and manipulate them in various ways, such as changing the pitch, time-stretching, and filtering.

Lastly, a sequencer plug-in facilitates the recording, editing, and arrangement of audio and MIDI data within a digital audio workstation, including features like groove editing tools and functions like shuffle, LFOs, and accents.


The 909 drum machine has made a name for itself as the go-to kick for electronic music, with its presence in numerous house and techno hits over the past decades. For music producers who want to take their tracks to the next level, the 909 Kick sample pack is a must-have. These samples are fully processed and optimized to cut through the mix, with each kick sample fine-tuned using top-notch sound design techniques to ensure the highest quality sound possible.

One of the key benefits of this sample pack is the quality-over-quantity approach. Instead of sifting through an overwhelming number of subpar samples, you'll find ten expertly crafted samples in four different versions that promise to deliver the punch you need.

Not only is this 909 Kick Sample Pack high in quality, but it's also effortless to use. Each sample has been meticulously designed to fit seamlessly into any track, without requiring additional processing. This makes it ideal for producers of all skill levels who are looking for heavy, punchy 909 Kick samples.

While this sample pack is particularly suited to techno and electronic music tracks, the samples can be used in a variety of genres, from hip-hop and house to pop.

  • Instant Puch to your Next Track? these samples are exactly what you need.
  • Got Problems Mixing Kick and Bass? This Samples Cut through the Mix!point.
  • 5 x 10 Completely processed Techno 909 Kick Samples for Techno, Hard Techno, House & Electronic music producers ( Clean, Vibe, Bass Heavy and 2 different distortion Versions included)


Creating powerful EDM kick drums has never been easier or more enjoyable with Chop Suey, a dynamic plug-in. Its unique sequencing method eliminates phasing issues that arise with kick layering, resulting in a crisp transient, punchy body, and distinct tail. Precise editing capabilities, such as the use of curves and a specially designed filter, make shaping the sound effortless while maintaining crucial frequencies that contribute to the kick's punch.

Chop Suey was developed in collaboration with top producers and artists in the dance music scene, making it an ideal tool for professional use. Additionally, the "Punch Protect" feature ensures that important frequencies are not weakened during sound shaping. The plug-in is perfect for electronic kick drum enthusiasts who enjoy chopping or snipping samples. It simplifies the process, particularly for beginners, and includes a vast library of presets and samples that produce genre-typical sounds, making it a top choice for techno and house music producers.


If you're into producing electronic music, particularly techno and house, you might want to check out BigKick. It's a kick drum VST synthesizer that combines synthesis and sample-based techniques to create and tweak kick drum sounds.

What makes BigKick stand out are its numerous features, including the ability to adjust attack, hold, and decay for optimal punch, and a pitch module that helps you tune the kick drum to blend well with the bass. It also has an overdrive function, three unique waveforms, and a hard clipper for more creative processing.

BigKick comes with a variety of kick drum samples, including those from popular electronic music drum computers. You can customize these samples by using built-in parameters such as envelope, pitch, and filter controls. Despite its advanced features and high-quality sound, BigKick is reasonably priced, making it an excellent value. It's perfect for dance music producers who need that thumping kick drum to drive their tracks.


Looking for a top-notch Techno kick VST plugin? Look no further than Punchbox by D16 Group. With limitless possibilities for designing your kick sounds, Punchbox is a powerful plugin for creating high-quality, dancefloor-crushing bangers. Combining expressive synthesis and authentic sampling, this versatile plugin provides exclusive access to 1100 samples and 800 presets from some of the industry's top sound designers. Plus, with a built-in FX rack featuring four high-quality effects, users can perfect their kicks before sending them through the output limiter.

EDM producers in search of a kick drum plugin will find Punchbox to be an excellent choice. It strikes the perfect balance between instant access and sound shaping, with full MIDI control of almost every parameter for a more expressive instrument than other plugins. It even allows for the use of external samples and can even become a monophonic synthesizer with the Key Tracking feature. The only drawback is the small interface. Overall, Punchbox is a great investment for those with a large one-shot sample library looking to explore it in a new and exciting way.


With the 800 presets, you can choose from the following categories: 909 Synth engine, 808 Synth engine, 606 Synth engine, Sine Synth engine, Bitcrusher Effect, Distortion Effect


Looking for a virtual drum machine plugin that can emulate the classic Roland TR-909 drum machine? Look no further than Drumazon! This fantastic plugin offers all the legendary sounds of the original machine, from bass drum to snare, low toms to hi toms, rim shots to claps, open and closed hi-hats, and even crash and ride sounds.

Drumazon also features an internal sequencer that makes it easy to program your drums, and its authentic sound and familiar interface are complemented by additional parameter extensions that make it more versatile than ever. With multi-output routing that is flexible and storable, Drumazon is the perfect choice for producers who want to mix and process their tracks in the DAW. If you're looking to add the classic 909 sound to your productions, Drumazon is a must-have!


Introducing DrumComputer by Sugar Bytes, a cutting-edge interpretation of EDM drum machines. With a total of 8 sound engines, DrumComputer allows for classic and modern forms of synthesis, and the option to use your own samples for resynthesis. The interface is sleek and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and discover the ideal sound for your track.

The simplified Kit view lets you assign sounds to each sound engine, giving them pitch, decay, modification, and a corresponding icon that simplifies the process of assigning each instrument type in the sequencer. The KIT view also provides access to the Master Effects section. Here you'll find a transient shaper, compressor, maximizer, and saturator that can manipulate attack and release.

The sounds of DrumComputer are fresh, electronic, and often techno-inspired. They stand out when mixed with a bassline or a kick drum. DrumComputer's three different synthesis sources allow users to create a remarkable and versatile tool for sound design.

In summary, Sugar Bytes from Berlin has created an independent drum machine with DrumComputer, perfectly tailored for electronic music fans. With 450 engine presets that can be combined in countless ways to create new patterns in no time, DrumComputer is a must-have for any electronic music producer looking to add new and exciting drums to their tracks. Plus, with its ability to connect classic and modern forms of synthesis, flexible modulation and sequencing, intelligent randomizers, and the option to import your own samples, DrumComputer is an indispensable tool.


  • 8 Sound Engines, each one layering a Resonator, Wavetable/Analogue Oscillator and Resynth/Sampler

  • Filter, Compressor, Overdrive, and 2 types of Send Reverbs (Room and Hall)

  • 2 Envelope/LFOs, plus Synth-Engine-Modulators, Sequencer-Modulators, and ModMatrix

  • Intelligent Randomizers for endless drum sound possibilities


Ujam's EDEN 2 is a superb EDM drum plugin that's ideal for techno and house music production. The user-friendly interface is packed with powerful features that allow for personalized drum sound creation. The Drum Kit and Mix sections enable you to choose your preferred drum kit and regulate the intensity of each instrument.

Moreover, EDEN 2 boasts a Pattern feature that permits the creation of different song sections, which can be easily dragged and dropped into your DAW for effortless drum track construction. With dynamic side-chain compression, excellent presets, and a dozen drum kits, EDEN 2 is a richly-featured drum plugin for dance music.

You'll enjoy individual control over volume, decay, pitch, and a low-pass filter for each drum sample. Furthermore, you can swap sounds between kits to create your custom drum kit template. You can choose between Single Out or Multi-Out, which assigns a separate mixer channel for each sample. On the other side of the GUI, you can adjust four parameters in the effects preset that you're currently using.

EDEN 2 offers several improvements over the original EDEN, making it a more capable replacement for other electronic drum plugins. With its customizable and tweakable nature, EDEN 2 is an excellent choice for EDM producers.


  • Dynamic Side-chain Compression

  • Awesome Presets

  • 12 Drum Kits


If you're seeking a tool that can help you create intricate rhythms and grooves in no time, Playbeat is the perfect solution for you.

Playbeat 3 boasts a powerful sequencer with eight independent sequencers that offer a great deal of flexibility to craft unique patterns and grooves. The sequencers allow you to control the pitch shift, volume, pan, and more, which allows you to have complete control over the sound of your drums and percussion.

Another key feature of Playbeat 3 is its ability to remix and edit. Moreover, the interface is sleek and user-friendly, making it a delight to work with.

Playbeat 3 also provides sample management features and comes with numerous presets. Additionally, you can create your own packs, which gives you even more flexibility to produce impressive sounds and grooves.

All in all, electronic music producers can benefit tremendously from Playbeat 3. It offers a plethora of features, a powerful sequencer, a stunning interface, and a random function that helps create unique and diverse grooves. With its reasonable price, Playbeat 3 is an excellent budget-friendly option and a valuable addition to any producer's toolkit.


  • Random Pattern Generator

  • 8 Sequencers

  • Remix Algorithms


The RAW-Kick is a cutting-edge product developed by prominent DJs DJ Free-K and DJ Promo, using the powerful RAW synthesizer as its foundation. This product allows music producers to create high-quality kick drum sounds by utilizing three distinct layers that can be used simultaneously. These layers have two modes each: either a kick drum synthesizer model or a sample-based layer.

With the kick model type, users can take advantage of unique features such as RAW amount and harmonic control. On the other hand, the sample type provides multi-mode analogue-modelled filters and various FX algorithms. The Master section includes a dual EQ and MONO/STEREO FX that give users control over all three layers at once. RAW-Kick comes with presets from well-respected hardcore, hardstyle, and DnB producers and is regarded as a formidable rival to other kick plug-ins like Native Instruments TRK-01 and D-16 Group Punchbox. It is highly regarded for its ability to create innovative and modulated percussion and monophonic synth sounds.


Are you a music producer looking for inspiration? Audiomodern's Loopmix is an excellent creative sampler that's perfect for lovers of electronic beats. It's incredibly useful for quickly and effectively mixing patterns using multiple audio loops, making it a must-have tool for remixers or any producer looking for a fresh dynamic in their DAW arrangement.

While the plugin may not be groundbreaking, it offers a welcome change to any well-organized DAW arrangement. You can import your own loops to stay true to your sound, and you don't have to rely on pre-loaded content.

Loopmix sampler is a fun and easy way to remix and rearrange audio loops into new sounds. With features that include the ability to load up to six loops, create infinite variations, use randomization algorithms, and an intelligent multifunctional keyboard, it's a versatile tool for any electronic music producer. Additionally, Loopmix has a dynamic preset feature that generates up to 24 various remixes at a time, making it easy to create and share your own personalized packs.

Audiomodern has delivered another excellent plugin with Loopmix. It's a heavyweight multi-loop remixer that's perfect for both studio and live performances. With endless inspiration and musical variety, it's a must-have tool for any electronic music producer.


  • Generate Endless Different Remixes

  • 1.6 GB of Built-In Sounds

  • 180 Built-In Presets

  • 6x Intelligent Sequencer tracks


Metrum Kick Synthesizer by Vengeance Sound is a valuable tool for EDM producers to craft their ideal kick drum. It offers comprehensive control over the top, middle, and bottom parts of the kick, as well as final compression and other features. The synth boasts a vast array of features, such as 330 kick drum presets, over 1800 attack samples, and more than 150 sine oscillator presets. It also allows the integration of WAV samples, has real-time and smooth graphic envelopes, flexible pitch and velocity routings, a vast mod matrix, and 6 high-quality built-in effects.

Metrum's sound generation uses a sine oscillator for the belly part and up to three sample layers for a crisp transient. All four sound components have numerous customizable parameters. Two filters per layer are available for sound shaping. Metrum's effects section features distortion, bitcrusher, stereo matrix, stereo delay, room reverb, and gated reverb. A two-band parametric equalizer is also included. A powerful modulation matrix, an output limiter, and a random generator round out the extensive features.

In summary, Metrum is an exceptional kick synthesizer with a vast array of features, an intuitive interface, and a great preset library, making it suitable for both novice and expert producers.


Looking for a tool that can help create the fattest-sounding bass drums for your electronic music? Look no further than Rob Papen Punch BD. This synthesizer and sample player allows you to stack up to 6 bass drums, which you can split across the keyboard or use in the tuned mode for even more creative possibilities.

With Punch-BD, you can rely on synthesized drums that deliver the highest quality audio, or you can load your own samples for even more flexibility. Each pad comes with its own distortion module for hard-hitting drum productions, featuring multiple types of distortion and a 3-band graphic EQ. Plus, each pad has its own preset section along with the overall BD kit.

But that's not all. Punch-BD also features four FX units, each complete with 31 types of high-quality FX, filters, envelopes, modulation routings, and more for complete customization. Whether you're producing electronic dance music or hip-hop, Punch-BD delivers a solid, speaker-smashing sound that will elevate your productions to the next level.

The Rob Papen sound engine is renowned for its sound quality and ability to cut through a mix with ease. And with plenty of drum models to choose from, along with a wide range of preset-based content, Punch-BD offers great value and is the heavyweight champion of EDM drum-based productions.


Battery 4 is a well-recognized and widely used drum plugin in the realm of electronic music production, particularly among techno and house music producers. It is renowned for its extensive assortment of drum kits, samples, and other sound elements that can be utilized to construct customized kits.

This plugin provides a broad array of customization options, such as volume, pitch, velocity, compression, and more. It also includes built-in EQ, saturation, and the capability to produce customized drum samples or kits. Battery 4 is a multifaceted and top-quality plugin that is ideal for creating electronic beats.

It is a versatile plugin that is suitable for both live performance and beat production. However, it falls short in one aspect as it lacks an internal sequencer. Nevertheless, Battery 4 is an exceptional product with an outstanding workflow and is highly recommended for anyone interested in sample instruments.


  • A Huge Drum Collection

  • Very Customizable

  • Many Control options

  • Very High-Quality Sound

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