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If you're looking to grow your music's fan base, establish your brand in the music industry, and boost your popularity on Spotify, promoting your music organically can be a powerful tool.

Achieving this involves getting your tracks featured on popular playlists, connecting with fans, and building relationships with playlist curators. By doing so, you can use data and analytics to monitor your progress and take your music career to the next level.

With thousands of new songs released on Spotify every day, it can be tough to stand out. To learn how to increase your Spotify plays and submit your tracks to playlists, check out these real Spotify promotion tips and the best Spotify promo tactics.

Spotify Promotion

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How to get on spotify playlists

YGetting into Spotify's algorithmic playlists doesn't require a specific number of plays. Instead, the platform employs three main components, with one being the Taste Profile, which creates a personal profile for each user. Discover Weekly seeks out tracks with over 20,000 streams, while Release Radar promotes your new music to those who regularly follow or listen to you.

However, the most critical factor for Spotify's algorithm is engagement metrics. The platform considers how many people save and share your tracks, add them to their playlists, and listen to them entirely. The algorithm takes note of streaming spikes, fan engagement, and playlist additions across millions of tracks in the first few days after a release.

To get noticed by Spotify, you need to execute a successful strategy within the first few weeks of your release. If your song performs well, it's more likely to be picked up by algorithmic and editorial playlists.

How to pitch your Song on Spotify

Musicians who want to promote their music and reach more listeners have several options available on Spotify. One of the most effective ways is by utilizing the Spotify for Artists platform, which enables artists to submit their music for consideration to be added to official Spotify playlists.

To get started with the process, log in to Spotify for Artists on your desktop computer. From there, navigate to the home tab and select "pitch a song." Next, choose the song you want to submit and provide all relevant information about the release date, genre, and any other details that might be helpful. The more information you can provide, the better your chances of being selected to appear on an official Spotify playlist.

Spotify Playlist Submission Tips

Get on the User Generated Playlist

A great way to get your music on Spotify playlists is by submitting it to user-generated playlists. Start by searching for popular playlists and trying to contact music curators via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or email. Usually, these playlist curators use the same name on Spotify as they do on their social media accounts.

Once your music is featured on a playlist, share it on your social media channels to promote it even further.

How to Identify Spotify Fake Playlist

When promoting your music through playlists, it's crucial to ensure that the curator has authentic followers. Use platforms like Isitagoodplaylist.com, Chartmetric, and SpotOnTrack to verify their credibility.

Be cautious if the curator has several playlists with similar followers, large playlists with few followers, or if they offer to sell playlist placements. Additionally, check if the playlist appears on an artist's profile 'Discovered On' section.

Should I Buy Spotify Plays & Followers

As a musician seeking to promote your tracks on Spotify, it may seem appealing to purchase plays and followers in order to boost your popularity. Nevertheless, it is critical to grasp that this strategy is not only ineffective but could also harm your reputation on the platform.

The purchase of Spotify plays and followers infringe on the platform's terms of service and could result in your account being flagged or banned. Furthermore, these artificial plays and followers won't interact with your content or endorse your music in any significant way, leaving you with a shallow feeling of success and zero advancement towards your aims.

Instead, concentrate on natural promotion tactics that will assist you in reaching a sincere audience that's keen on your music.

Collaborate with other artists, advertise your music on social media, and contact music curators and influencers who may be keen on showcasing your work.

By investing time and effort to grow your fan base naturally, you will evade the hazards linked to purchasing plays and additionally develop a real and involved audience that will endorse you for the duration of your profession.


There are Spotify promotion services, such as trackstothemax.com, yougrowpromosubmithub, GrooverPlaylist PushIndiemonoSoundplateplaylist-promotionOmariMCMoonstrive MediaPlaylist Blaster, that can help you get organic Spotify plays.

You can also use Oktiv.io to find playlist curators in your genre or Labelradar to send your songs to big labels, allowing you to release your songs on your favourite label and reach a bigger audience. Another option is Fluence.io, where you can get feedback for your music and contact music curators and bloggers to promote your music on Spotify.

Read my Spotify Promotion Company reviews to learn more.

Tracks To The Max

Tracks To The Max is the premier choice for enhancing your music's potential on Spotify. Their promotion service sets itself apart by focusing on genuine engagement, avoiding bots and artificial methods to ensure authentic streams and real listener interaction.

With a proven track record of delivering over 100 million streams across 2500+ playlists and collaborations with 250+ curators & tastemakers, Tracks To The Max ensures that your music reaches the right audience. With more than 10,000 successful campaigns in five years and positive testimonials, they tailor their approach by securing strategic playlist placements to elevate your Spotify profile organically.

In addition to Spotify, Tracks To The Max also offers top-tier services for SoundCloud and YouTube, along with transparent refund policies and dedicated customer support. For detailed information on pricing and packages, visit their website.

Soundcampaign review

If you're a musician looking to promote your music on Spotify, consider SoundCampaign, which helps you reach more listeners and grow your fanbase by connecting you with Spotify playlist curators who can feature your songs.

The service helps you gain more listeners and grow your fanbase by connecting you with Spotify playlist curators who can feature your songs. This leads to increased exposure, streams, and followers on the platform.

SoundCampaign has numerous advantages over other Spotify promotion services. Most notably, it's affordable and transparent. Choose from a variety of packages that cater to your budget and objectives. The costs vary depending on the number of playlists you aim to appear on and the desired number of streams.

In addition, SoundCampaign is straightforward and efficient to operate. Register, attach your song, and specify your preferred genre and mood. Following that, SoundCampaign will pair you with playlist curators who share your musical interests.

You can monitor your progress and results on the dashboard, featuring detailed information about the number of playlists, streams, and followers gained.

Thirdly, SoundCampaign is highly dependable and trustworthy. Its noteworthy rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot is a testament to its multitude of contented customers who shared their affirmative encounters. SoundCampaign solely partners with authentic and organic playlist curators sincerely interested in your music.

It does not use any bots or fake accounts that can harm your reputation or violate Spotify’s terms of service.

If your goal is to boost your music career on Spotify, SoundCampaign is an excellent option. I have used it for my songs and have been very impressed with the results.

My compositions were curated on numerous playlists that matched my genre and mood, culminating in considerable growth in my streams and followers." I also received feedback from playlist curators, which enhanced my music quality and style.

SoundCampaign is an excellent service I highly recommend to any musician who wants to extend their audience and attract more listeners and fans on Spotify. It is a straightforward, reasonably priced and efficient music promotion mechanism.

Yougrow Review

YouGrow offers an organic service for musicians looking to promote their music on Spotify and push the play count.

According to YouGrow, they have a network of playlist curators who will carefully listen to your music and allocate it to fitting playlists to attract genuine fans interested in your genre and style. The service does not utilise bots or fake streams and offers a full refund if they fail to deliver your genre's guaranteed number of streams.

One of the key advantages of using YouGrow is the assurance of results for your Spotify promotional campaign. Choose from various packages that guarantee a specific number of organic streams for your song and the potential to increase royalties and monthly listeners. Additionally, YouGrow claims that the Spotify algorithm could organically suggest your song to more users based on playlist placements and positive listener behaviour.

YouGrow provides a selection of four packages, with prices ranging from £77 to £1097. Pricing varies based on the quantity of organic streams you wish to receive. The starter package ensures 2,000 to 6,000 organic streams, while the rising artist package offers 10,000 to 22,000. All other pricing options can be found on their website. Discounts are available for orders of more than one package.

Using YouGrow is a hassle-free process. First, browse their website and select your desired package. Secondly, complete a form with all the specifics of your song, including its genre. Thirdly, settle your payment. Finally, YouGrow will send your song to their playlist curators, matching your mood and genre.

Sometimes it may take a few days to generate a playlist option, but sometimes it may take several weeks. This is mainly when a playlist matching your unique style is difficult to find. During this process, rest assured that our dedicated campaign manager will keep you updated with your order's relevant details.

If you are dissatisfied with any of the playlist choices presented, you can withdraw your playlist submission.

YouGrow boasts exceptional ratings on Trustpilot, with a staggering 450 reviews from satisfied customers commending their service for its honesty, professionalism, and efficacy. This averages a 4.7 out of 5 stars, demonstrating their reliability as an outstanding choice for Spotify promotion.

I used their service for one of my songs and was impressed by the outcome. The customer service was constantly welcoming and attentive to my requests. However, patience is required when seeking the appropriate playlist.

How to succeed on Spotify as a musician

Looking to increase your popularity and fanbase on Spotify? The platform offers various strategies to help you grow and achieve success. Get ready to explore and discover what works best for you!


Short songs are becoming more popular in the music industry today, with 2-3 minute songs being preferred.

This helps to increase plays on platforms like Spotify, providing a great chance for natural promotion. However, there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to song length for streaming services.

The average song length for songs released on Spotify today is three minutes. For a song to be registered as a "play" and for payment to be made, it should last at least 30 seconds.

Shorter songs are played more often, generating more income for both the artist and the platform.

Newer musicians have realised this pattern and are creating more shorter songs. It's important to remember that your artistic vision should determine the duration of your song. If you need more time to tell the song's story and express yourself, don't be afraid to take it.

Ultimately, the best song length for a streaming platform depends on your strategy instead of a strict rule. You may also want to consider releasing two versions - a short radio edit and the original song.

How often should you release new music on Spotify?

With over 500 million monthly active users, Spotify is a popular platform for music lovers and artists. To grow a large fan base on Spotify, it's essential to release new music frequently.

There isn't a single answer that suits everyone when it comes to introducing new music. The frequency of your releases depends on several factors, including your genre, creative process, goals, budget, audience, market, and industry competitiveness.

Whether you release them every 4 to 6 weeks or every quarter of a year, your fans must remember them. Consistent music publishing is crucial for creating a fanbase.

However, a good guideline is to aim for at least one new release every two months. Releasing singles instead of EPs or albums can keep you current and attractive to your audience Ultimately, it's your call to try out various launch plans and determine what suits you best.

Why You Should Release Singles Instead of EPs or Albums.

Music producers have found new ways to create buzz and generate more streams in today's digital age. Unlike the traditional method of releasing albums or EPs every few months or years, they now focus on releasing singles every few weeks or months.

This approach helps them to experiment with what works and to discover their own distinctive musical style while remaining present and relevant.

Releasing singles allows you to advertise your new song through TikTok or Instagram, or submit it regularly to playlists.

How to optimize your Spotify Artist Profile

  • One of the best ways to take advantage of this opportunity is by using Spotify for Artists. By claiming your artist profile or getting access through a distributor, you will gain access to valuable statistics such as how often your song has been played, how many times it was saved, and which countries and cities your song were listened to. Additionally, you can download the Spotify for Artists app for even more insights and control over your music.

  • To further enhance your profile, complete your profile information by uploading a current profile photo and adding a bio to tell your story and connect to your audience.

  • One powerful tool is the Artist's Pick feature, which allows you to feature a track, album, or playlist at the top of your profile for two weeks. This can be a great way to draw attention to new releases or promote older material you want to bring back into the spotlight.

  • Another helpful tool is Spotify Canvas, which lets you add looping visuals to your songs. By uploading 3-8 second looping videos, you can positively affect shares, playlist ads, and streams. This feature can be accessed through the Spotify for Artists dashboard.

  • Learn more about Spotify Canvas maker. To gain even more control over your songs' success, consider using Musicstax. This tool provides valuable metrics such as popularity, danceability, energy, positivity, key, and tempo, which can help you analyze your music and your competition.

  • Finally, list your concerts and DJ gigs through Ticketmaster, SongKick, Eventbrite or AXXS. This can be done through the Spotify for Artists dashboard and will help your followers stay informed about your upcoming events. By following these tips and utilizing the powerful tools available on Spotify, you can increase your visibility and build a dedicated fanbase.


Creating your playlists on Spotify is a great way to showcase your sound and support other artists. By curating a playlist, you can target a specific niche or mood and get your music in front of a new audience. Here are some tips on how to create and promote your playlists.

  • Have a Strong Title: Use keyword optimization (SEO) to ensure potential listeners easily find your playlist. Implement the most critical keywords in the title and your playlist description.

  • Target a Music Niche: Target a specific niche instead of going for a mainstream topic. For example, instead of creating a playlist of the top pop songs, create a playlist of the top indie pop songs. Before making a playlist, search on Spotify to see if the playlist has already been covered.

  • Create a Mood Playlist: Instead of a genre-based playlist, you can also create a mood-based playlist. For example, you can create a playlist for "chill summer vibes" or "workout motivation."

  • Curate Short Playlists: Keep your playlists short, with no more than 1-4 songs by an artist. This keeps your playlists fresh and encourages listeners to explore more of your content.

  • Update your playlists frequently: Keep your playlists fresh and up-to-date by regularly adding new songs and removing old ones.

  • Play Your Playlist: To boost your organic Spotify promotion, play your playlist. This way, the Spotify algorithm notices that your playlist is being listened to, which allows your playlist to be ranked higher in the search function.

  • Promote Unknown Artists: Support unknown artists in your playlists. By promoting unknown artists, you raise the awareness of the emerging artists they love and allow you to get featured on their "discovered on" page.

  • Contact Artists: Reach out to artists and tell them about your playlist. Artists always want to get their music playlisted, so don't hesitate to reach out. They may share your playlist on their social media.

  • Promote your Playlists: You can promote your playlists in many places. Some popular options include listenspotify.com,Spotify Playlists on Reddit, and other social media platforms.

  • In conclusion, creating and promoting your playlists on Spotify is a great way to showcase your sound and support other artists. By following these tips, you can create playlists easily found by potential listeners and help raise awareness of emerging artists.


Promoting your music on Spotify can be challenging, but with the power of social media, you can reach a larger audience and increase your streams. Here are some ways to use social media to promote your Spotify tracks and gain new fans.

  • Create a YouTube channel: Show off your music production skills by creating explainer videos that teach others about making music. This will help you connect with people interested in your music and win new fans.

  • Use Instagram Reels or TikTok: Add your music to your short videos and direct your followers to Spotify to listen to the entire song. This is a great way to give people a taste of your music and encourage them to check out more of your tracks.

  • Create infographics: Use social media to create infographics your followers can use to learn something new. This can be a fun and engaging way to promote your music and connect with your fans.

  • Find Twitch users who play your music in the background: Reach out to those who play it in the background and ask them to add your tracks to their playlists. This will help you reach a new audience and increase your streams.

  • Drive traffic to your Spotify tracks: Use social media, your website, Reddit, Quora, etc., to drive traffic to your Spotify tracks. This will help you reach a larger audience and increase your streams.

  • Ask your fans to follow you on Spotify: Encourage them to follow you on Spotify so your music will appear in their Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists. This will help you reach a larger audience and increase your streams.



  • Build your website and generate traffic to your Music

  • Build an E-mail list and send your new Music releases to your Fans. I recommend using mailerlite, if you use this link, you get an 18€ credit when you sign-up.

  • Try to Collaborate with Other Musicians and produce remixes to get more Spotify plays and followers. Or ask other music artists to remix your songs, so you can both benefit from the respective follower range on Spotify.

  • You can also increase your reach by remixing more famous artists. This way, you can gain new listeners even if you probably can't publish the songs on Spotify. To find remix contests visit the following links: LabelradarSkiomusic, Metapop, Kreasound, findremix

  • If your fanbase is big enough, try to convince them to buy your Music or merch through Bandcamp or Beatport to earn more from your music.

  • Contact blogs and find them via Hype Machine

  • Increase the sound quality of your songs by Mixing and Mastering



  • Thanks to the various advertising options, promoting your music on Spotify has always been challenging. One of the most effective ways to hear your music is by using Spotify Ads. Spotify Ads allow you to target specific listeners based on their listening habits, demographics, and location. This means you can reach your ideal audience and increase your chances of getting your music playlisted.

  • Another great way to promote your music on Spotify is through Instagram and Facebook ads. These platforms allow you to reach a wider audience beyond just Spotify users. You can create visually appealing ads using images or videos of your music and target specific demographics, interests, and behaviours. This allows you to reach potential fans who have not yet discovered your music.

  • Spotify also offers an advertising platform called "Ad Studio." This platform allows you to create and run audio and video ads on Spotify. You can target specific listeners based on their preferences, demographics, and location. Ad Studio also offers real-time reporting, so you can track the performance of your ads and make adjustments as needed.

  • If you're looking for an even more high-impact way to promote your music on Spotify, consider using Spotify Marquee. This tool is designed for artists with at least 15,000 monthly streams or over 2500 followers. With Marquee, you can create a full-screen ad to display to listeners when they open the Spotify app. This feature lets you showcase your new album, single, or tour and increase your chances of getting playlisted.



I am Marcus, a music enthusiast who runs a mixing and mastering business. Additionally, I compose insightful articles for my blog and produce music as a member of the techno duo Agravik.
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